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It feels like there is already so much proof to the fact that meditation and visualization techniques can improve your life. These mind tools help you reach higher levels of consciousness and refine the way you interact with the energy-informational field (aka holographic Universe).  Notions of “mind over matter”, “everything is energy”, “meditation” and “creative visualization” are becoming common knowledge, but how can you get the best results from conducting visualization or meditation techniques? 

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Meditation can be described as a process of going within to discover your true self. It is one of the ways of establishing your own point of “here and now”, the point where you feel resourceful and connected to the power of the Universe. There are many kinds of meditation techniques that you can find on the internet, but if you are new to it, you might want to start with the following exercise.  Find a place where you can comfortably lay down or sit with your feet firmly touching the ground (make sure to keep your back straight). You can also sit on the floor with your legs crossed or even stand if you like. Turn off your phone or other gadgets to make sure no one will bother you for the next few minutes. If you like, you can turn on some high frequency music (violin, flute, Tibetan bells, etc.), light up a candle or a scented stick. You can simply sit on a chair or do all the preparations to make your meditation into a ritual – it is really up to you. It is suggested that you close your eyes during a meditation, however, it really depends on how well you can visualize and concentrate, as there are certain meditation/visualization techniques conducted with your eyes open. Just test things out and see for yourself, which way is better for you. After you get yourself comfortable, focus your attention on how you breathe in with your nose and breathe out with your mouth. Just follow the flow of your breathing.  You might not feel much difference if you meditate for just few minutes, yet, meditating for too long can make it challenging to return to the real world. You can do it longer when you are just starting to learn and decrease the time as you advance (meditating for more than an hour is really pushing it).  Always register your state of mind before you start and feel if there is any improvement after you finish with the meditation or visualization technique. Just follow your intuition and feel when you are done. This basic breathing meditation exercise can help you relax, deal with inner dialogue and embrace your own point of here and now.

A visualization technique can be seen as a more advanced form of  meditation that offers a visual scenario or algorithm that you follow in order to reach a certain goal.  Visualization is the ability of your brain to create a mental blueprint. Certain techniques employ this ability to give direction to your energy flow and guide your willpower in building the reality you truly desire.  The key is to know what to visualize (or what scenarios to use during self-guided meditations). When you pick a correct scenario for your visualization technique it can lead to a quick recovery from a rough patch, help you deal with fears/anxiety, ignite insights or even help you get back the energy that you might have lost in the past. 

Proper visualization by the exercise of concentration and willpower enables us to materialize thoughts, not only as dreams or visions in the mental realm but also as experiences in the material realm.

- Paramahansa Yogananda

According to modern scientific research, human brain perceives the world through electromagnetic resonance. To be in contact with the material reality, you use senses that send signals to your brain. However, in order to access higher levels of consciousness and manifestational power of the Universe, your brain needs to tap into higher frequencies. That is where meditation, as well as certain creative visualization techniques, can help raise your awareness.  Your right brain hemisphere can process much more (~1 billion of information units per second) than your left brain hemisphere (~16 information units per second). The right brain hemisphere is also responsible for channeling your creative essence including your ability to visualize (or conduct visualization techniques). Your Higher-self (which can also be described as your true-self or creative essence of the subconscious mind) communicates with you through your right brain. Your left brain, on the other hand, works as a logical filter that enables your conscious mind to perceive what is going on around you without total informational overload. 

Visualization techniques are vital tools on your road of self-discovery toward realizing your full potential during the informational paradigm of the XXI century.

The role of your heart is also essential in the process of raising your consciousness, as it insures how much open you are to the magic of the Universe and how much information you can process at a given point of time and space (the topic is explored in more details in the article “Beyond Human Aura Energy Field – Human Heart vs. Human Brain”). 

creative visualizationFor any visualization technique to be effective you have to embrace the power of visualization. The easiest way to do it is to bring out your “inner child”.  A child trusts the surrounding world and is open to play with it. The mind of a child is not yet limited by rational dogmas, strict rules, and stereotypes that govern the life of an adult. When you allow yourself to play and trust the Universe, you begin to experience the magic of life and visualization techniques become truly powerful. Your ability to visualize is the foundation behind any effective prayer, meditation or other consciousness awakening techniques. One thing is for sure, you will never know the benefit of visualization techniques unless you relax and trust your intuitive inner child.

Many people also ask how to improve their meditation or visualization skills. I often answer with a very simple question: “What was the last time you read a good book?”.  A book where the writer takes you on a journey of discovery and vividly describes everything that is happening. When you are reading a book your mind creates a movie of what you are reading. It helps train your visualization skills, so that you can better envision what you want to create in your life. It is also important to read a hard copy book. That way all your senses are involved in the process. When you are reading text from a screen, your brain simply registers “0’s” and “1’s”, which makes it hard to remember and visualize what you were reading.

There is another important aspect you need to know when it comes to visualization techniques or guided meditations. When you are learning or testing things out, it is ok to listen to someone’s (or computer generated) voice. However, to reach better results and to make sure you are protected on the energy-informational level it is recommended to record a chosen guided meditation with your own voice. You can also simply remember the visual algorithm of the technique and do it yourself in your mind. Always trust your inner or higher self to guide you when you are meditating independently or conducting a visualization technique.

 Visualization and meditation techniques help your higher self (more on what is your higher self) resolve issues on the levels of higher consciousness.  When the stress is eliminated on the informational level, it improves the energy flow and you might even get a reaction on your physical body. When a visualization technique is conducted correctly, you get a feeling of release, like a heavy weight has been dropped. Your palms might get sweaty, you can feel a wave of warmth or a tingling effect in certain parts of your body (often your head).  The reaction of your body often serves as a proof that the visualization technique was able to hit the target and the energy block has been removed. 

Visualization techniques allow your brain synchronize its activity with higher levels of consciousness.

The next and perhaps even a more important step after you start practicing meditation and visualization techniques is to acquire a worldview that will help you harmoniously fit into the current ever-changing environment. Visualization techniques can give you a quick and effective solution to your challenges. However, if you want to know true causes behind the challenges in your life and achieve long-lasting results, you need a sound worldview that is in the accord with the laws of the higher levels of consciousness.

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