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From Basic Visualization Meditation to Powerful Guided Imagery

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It feels like there is already so much proof of the fact that meditation and visualization techniques can improve your life and mental health. These mind tools help you reach higher levels of consciousness and refine the way you interact with the energy-informational field (aka holographic Universe) among many other things. It seems that notions of “mind over matter”, “meditation” and “creative visualization” are becoming common knowledge. This article will explore what this powerful tool is all about, offer basic exercises as well as more advanced guided visualization meditation practice. 

So, what is meditation? How and where do you start? Meditation can be simply described as the process of inner self-discovery. It is one of the ways to help your mind be in the present moment or establish your point of “here and now”. The point where you feel resourceful and connected to the power of the Universe. There are all kinds of meditation techniques and guided visualization exercises that you can find online. There is transcendental meditation, mindfulness meditation, mantra, and focused meditation to name a few. Below is just one example of a basic breathing meditation exercise that you can start with. If you are a more advanced practitioner, you might want to scroll down to the advanced guided imagery meditation and visualization techniques section of the page.

Basic Breathing Meditation Exercise

Find a comfortable place where you can lie down or sit with your feet firmly touching the ground. You can also sit on the floor with your legs crossed or even stand if you like. The key is to keep your spine straight. Turn off your phone or other gadgets to make sure no one will bother you for the next few minutes. If you like, you can turn on some high-frequency or meditation music. Sounds of nature, violin, flute, or Tibetan bells usually work quite well. You can light up a beeswax candle, it is preferred over a regular wax. Beeswax has much higher vibrations and is closer to nature than regular wax, which is a byproduct of the oil industry. Igniting incense of your preferred scent can also set the right mood.

You can meditate without any special preparations by simply sitting down or you can make it into a ritual. It is totally up to you. All the extra things just help you relax, reach inner peace, and concentrate your senses on what you are about to do. It is often suggested that you close your eyes during meditation. It depends on how good your visualization and concentration skills are. There are certain advanced meditation/visualization techniques conducted with your eyes open.

Meditation Visualization techniques are vital tools on your road of self-discovery toward realizing your full potential during the informational paradigm of the XXI century.

Before you begin meditating, register your current state of mind and overall vitality. It will help you compare your state after the meditation to see if there was any improvement. When you are ready and got yourself comfortable, start to focus attention on your breathing. You can start your meditation practice by taking a deep breath with your nose and breathing out with your mouth. Just follow the process, reach a state of deep relaxation, and reflect on thoughts that come into your mind while you are focused on breathing. Five to ten minutes is usually enough at the beginning. You can increase the time with practice if you like.

Doing this meditation exercise for more than an hour is pushing it. Meditating for too long (more than an hour) without a specific purpose is not a good idea. Meditation often brings a state of relaxation and tranquility which makes it challenging to return to the real world and everything that comes with it. Yet, you do have to come back, if you want to improve your lifescript.  Just follow your intuition and it will guide you and let you know when it is enough. Basic breathing meditation can help you relax, deal with inner dialogue, and embrace your point of here and now. Being in harmony with the energy flow of “the now” moment, allows you to bring positive change to your life.

A Little Bit of Science Behind Meditation

Starting from the late 20th century, scientists have been trying to define effects on brain activity from various meditative practices. There are a lot of interesting discoveries in the ongoing collaborative research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and neurobiology. Most of the studies on meditation’s effects can be broken down into two categories: state changes and trait changes. In other words, what happens to a brain when a person is meditating and does it improve lives.

Electroencephalography (EEG) is often used to study human brain activity during meditation. It measures the electric fields of large groups of neurons and their activity. Brain activity frequency can be classified into four wave categories. From the lowest to the highest frequency. Delta waves (<4Hz) are mainly associated with deep sleep. Theta waves (4–8 Hz) represent various aspects of cognition, learning, and tapping into the wisdom of the pineal gland. Alpha waves (8–12 Hz) calm the nervous system, lower stress levels, and promote relaxation. Beta waves (13–30 Hz) are often associated with an alert brain as well as an improved state of concentration. 

Many studies show the connection between the alpha and theta frequencies to meditation. Thus, it is possible to claim that certain meditative practices can at least help you relax and deal with possible anxieties. In addition, it can also allow you to tap into the wisdom of the Universe through your pineal gland. (see Pineal Gland Activation Meditation).

*There is also another vital organ that is often disregarded by mainstream scientists when it comes to meditation. The human heart plays an essential role in raising consciousness. Through your heart, you connect to the creative forces of the Universe and keep your energy flow in harmony. More on the topic here “Beyond Human Aura).

What makes Visualization Techniques different from Meditation

A visualization technique or a self-guided meditation can be viewed as a more advanced form of meditation. It usually offers a visual scenario or algorithm for your mind to follow in order to reach a desired goal.  Visualization is the ability of your brain to create a mental blueprint. Certain techniques employ this ability to give direction to your energy flow. They guide your willpower in building the reality you truly desire or help you deal with a certain issue.  

The key is to know what to visualize during a self-guided meditation. When you are using the right scenario for your visualization technique, it can do wonders. It can help you quickly recover from a rough patch, deal with fears/anxiety, and ignite insights. It can even help you get back the energy you might have lost in the past among many other things. The true powers of what the human mind can create and how it can influence reality are not fully explored yet.

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The human brain perceives the world through electromagnetic resonance. To be in contact with material reality, you use senses that send signals to your brain. However, to access the manifestational power of the Universe, your brain needs to work on a certain frequency. That is where meditation, as well as certain creative visualization techniques, can help raise your consciousness to the needed frequency.  Your right brain hemisphere can process much more (~1 billion information units per second) than your left brain hemisphere (~16 information units per second). The right brain hemisphere is also responsible for channeling your creative essence. It includes your ability to visualize and/or conduct meditation or visualization techniques. Your left brain works as a logical filter enabling your conscious mind to perceive the world without total informational overload from the higher levels of consciousness. 

Visualization Meditation and Your Higher Self.

If you were drawn to the materials on this website, it is probably safe to say that you are familiar with the concept of higher-self (see “Higher-Self visual mode…”). It can be described as your spirit, your true self, or an energy-informational entity that knows what makes you happy. It holds the information about your purpose in life and how you can fulfill it. In other words, it is how you are represented on the higher levels of consciousness.  

Visualization techniques help establish a connection with your higher self to resolve a certain issue.  When the stress is eliminated on the level of higher consciousness, it improves the energy flow.  Your physical body can also react to the positive changes in your energy flow. When a visualization technique is conducted correctly, you get a feeling of release, like a heavy weight has been dropped. You might feel a wave of warmth or a tingling effect in certain parts of your body (often your head).  The reaction of your body often serves as proof that a visualization technique was able to reach the desired result. 

There is a next and perhaps even a more important step, after you start practicing meditation and visualization techniques. It is “walking the talk” and acquiring a worldview that will help you harmoniously fit into the current ever-changing environment. Visualization techniques can help on the way by helping you find solutions to possible challenges. However, if you want long-lasting results, you need to establish a stable and clear connection with your higher-true self. It will be a guide on your journey of self-discovery and living a fulfilling life of purpose.

To help you establish the connection, here are a few tips on how to improve your visualization skills as well as some advanced techniques for you to practice.

How to Improve your Visualization Skills

For any visualization technique to be effective, you have to embrace the power of your imagination. The easiest way to do it is to bring out your “inner child”.  A child trusts the surrounding world and is open to playing with it. The mind of a child is not yet limited by rational dogmas, strict rules, and stereotypes that govern the life of an adult. When you allow yourself to play and trust the Universe, you begin to experience the magic of life and visualization techniques become truly powerful. Your ability to vividly visualize is the foundation behind any effective prayer, meditation, or any other consciousness awakening techniques.

book visualizationMany of my friends as well as clients often ask how to improve their meditation or visualization skills. Some people claim that it is very difficult for them to visualize something. I usually answer with a very simple question: “What was the last time you read a good book?”.  A book where the writer takes you on a journey of discovery and graphically describes everything that is happening. 

When you are reading a book, your mind creates a movie of what you are reading. It helps train your visualization skills, so you can better envision what you want to create in your life. It is also important to read a hard-copy book. That way almost all your senses are involved in the process. When you are reading text from a digital screen, most of your senses are asleep. It is like you can only perceive the digital code without seeing a full live picture of the story. It makes it hard to remember and visualize what you were reading.

Some more insight...

There is another important aspect, especially if you are using audio-recorded meditation or popular apps. For safe and long-term positive results, avoid meditations recorded with computer-generated or digital voice. Following the voice of a living person is fine when you are learning new meditation methods or techniques. However, after you have had enough practice, you can make an audio recording with your voice. It will add more power to the process, help you concentrate, and give you better results from the meditation.

Another fun and effective way of improving your visualization meditation skills is viewing so-called stereograms. Sometimes they are also called Magic Eye pictures. They are 3D images encoded in a 2D image. They used to be very popular at the beginning of the 90’s. You can find many stereogram examples or purchase Magic Eye books online. These images are often used for mindfulness practices and I use them for exercise during in-person workshops that I offer. There were also various reports that stereograms help to improve overall vision and reduce computer eyestrain.

These are just a few tips on how to take your meditation experience to the next level. Here is an example of an advanced technique that you might find very useful in your everyday life.

Advanced Visualization technique – Making the Right Choice

making decision visualizationYou can find similar self-guided meditation/visualization techniques in modern psychotherapy or NLP courses. First, you need to find a proper place to do the technique and relax. Make sure nothing will bother you while you are doing the technique. Get yourself into a meditative state (you can use a basic meditation technique described above). 

Now, remember a situation when you made the best choice in your life. It could be any decision in your life that triggered positive events and brought desired results. You can simply imagine buying a winning lottery ticket or having the best holiday of your life.  After all, it has to be the choice the outcome of which made you happy. Visualize that the event triggered by your choice is being played out inside a sphere above your head.  Now, allow your intuition to slowly land the sphere on the surface somewhere around you. Remember the point where the sphere has landed.

The next step would be remembering a bad choice that you have made in the past. It could be something you are still regretting and feel bad about.  Visualize how the events caused by the choice are being played out in another sphere above you. Then, once again, allow your intuition to slowly land the sphere somewhere around you. Remember the point where the sphere landed.

“Your life is a result of the choices you make. If you don’t like your life, it is time to start making better choices.” - Anonymous

As a result, you now have two spheres lying in the imaginary space around you. You can draw a straight line to connect them in your mind. It will symbolize a scale of correctness for the current choice that you want to make. Let’s call this line – the line of correct choice. You can use the line to see if the current choice you need to make leads to something positive. In a certain sense, you are communicating with your higher self through intuition and this line of correct choice. 

Now, you can visualize yet another sphere above your head. It is playing out possible events your current choice might trigger. Allow that sphere to slowly glide into the line of the correct choice. Notice where it ends up on the line. If it is closer to your happy decision, then you can proceed with making your current choice. If it is closer to your bad decision, then you might want to reconsider your choice to avoid unnecessary trouble. Here is a video explaining one of the guided meditation scripts:

I hope you have found the article to be insightful and can see the value in the given visualization technique. Here are some more techniques that you could find useful in your way of improving your lfiescript. For even more advanced knowledge or personal guidance see the services section of the website. As always, feel free to reach out with any related questions or inquiries.

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