Take your lifescript to the next level with advanced knowledge…

The following services have the main goal to help you find the true cause of the possible challenges you might be experiencing in life and offer practical solutions, so you can better connect with your true-self, improve your lifescript writing skills and get closer to living a fulfilling life of purpose .

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Personal Guidance


$ 150 One Time
  • Personal Birth Chart Reading to help you discover potential you were given at birth and define your strong qualities
  • Energy-informational diagnosis of your current state to find the cause of the challenges you might be experiencing with health, personal or professional life
  • Identifying energy blocks and helping you remove them (distant energy work)
  • Tools including guided meditations/visualization exercises so you can independently improve your lifescript
  • Answering questions and sharing insights to aid you on your road of self-discovery towards realizing your purpose in life

3 Online

(~5 hours total)
$ 400 One Time
  • Deeper Analysis of Your personal Birth Chart as well as Numerology Family Tree to see energy dynamics within the family/lineage
  • Personal/Business Partner compatibility birth chart reading and relationships evaluation (upon request)
  • Extended energy-informational analysis of your current energy state (including the place where you live) to find what could be holding you from realizing your full potential
  • Locating the root/seed of possible challenges in life with health, personal or professional life.
  • Guidance through powerful energy clearing and energy protection methods (e.g. advanced meditation/visualization exercises)
  • Assisting with dream interpretation and helping establish a clear channel of communication with higher levels of consciousness through dreams if needed.
  • Answering questions and sharing insights to aid you on your road of self-discovery towards realizing your purpose in life

Personal Guidance

(weekly coaching/guidance for 3 months)
$ 999 One time
  • Everything included in previous options with powerful exclusive techniques and distant energy work
  • Customized online program to help you upgrade the quality of your lifescript and enhance your birth given extrasensory talents
  • Advacned rune work to enhanse and boost your energy flow in chosen areas of life
  • All the details are availble upon request during the first free intro session

In-Vision Your Lifescript

online course

Inspired by the Mystical Temple of Fulfilling Wishes in Myanmar

From Physics to Magic of Manifesting Your True Wishes...

Having a clear vision of what you want to achieve is vital

Everything that has been happening in the recent years might have forced you to go through the inner audit and rethink what kind of life you would like to create for yourself and those you love. The practical knowledge that you will learn during this course is vital, not only to survive, but to stay on top of the waves during the informational flood of the XXI century.

How to identify your true wishes and manifest them?

People often lose themselves in ego driven hectic reality of today’s world, without being able to maintain the energy flow they need to realize their unique purpose in life. Knowing how to clear the energy blocks and protect yourself from the negative vibes can help you create the lifescript you truly desire.

Powerful intuition is a great asset in making the right choice

Human life is created through a stream of choices that you make. Some of them lead you away from living a fulfilling life of purpose, while others help you realize your full potential. You always have the choice and it is probably one of the most powerful weapons in the Universe that you just need to learn how to use.

what you will learn

“In-Vision Your LifeScript” is for people who would like to go more advanced than common law of attraction principles, affirmations and visual board practices. This is course is for you, if you are ready to explore higher levels of consciousness and powerful mind over matter tools. It can be a great start for a beginner, and I am sure that advanced energy practitioners will find new valuable knowledge

See the highlights of the course below and push the sign-up button to learn all the details on how to get instant access to the course. 


Energy-informational field

Learn the difference between the energy and informational field as well as the visual map to the levels of higher consciousness and the point of “here and now” (based on the spiritual science Infosomatics). Discover the path your true wishes have to go through from being a mere potential to becoming something you can actually experience.

PRActical knowledge

4 Powerful meditations

Experience positive effect from visualization /meditation techniques that were tested in practice with great results. Enhance your intuition and awake your consciousness, so you can manifest the best version of the lifescript your are writing every day. List of meditation/visualization exercises: 

  • Pineal Gland Activation
  • Empower Your Senses
  • Unleash Your Frozen Potential
  • Clear blocks that are holding you back and start building the reality you truly desire 


Secrets behind the places of power

Discover the mystery behind the “Alodawpyi ” – ancient temple of fulfilling wishes in Myanmar. Learn how  you can get the same effect from home without even visiting the temple. 

wish manifestation

Clear connection with the power of the Universe

Go beyond the Law of Attraction to master affirmation writing and wish manifestation techniques so the Universe can actually hear you and help bring your true wishes to reality. Learn the laws of the Universe you need to follow and difference between your Wishes, Goals, Dreams and Mission.

energy practices

Advanced energy clearing and protection

Even though it might sound new agey and woo-woo for some people, in reality, any energy clearing technique is essentially an advanced meditation practice. Learn about the building blocks of our reality and how you can take your meditation skills to the next level as well as clear negative vibes and protect your energy flow.

pricing - investment in your knowledge

There will be no hype or NLP tricks with sales hooks: “it is a 5000 USD value course that took years in the making and now discounted specially for you, on this special day to 299 USD and you only have 24 hours to make the purchase”. All you need to do is push the “Sign Up” button to see details about the Curriculum of the Course and Price options. After payment is processed, you will get instant access to the materials of the course.  If you don’t find value in the knowledge and materials provided in the course – full refund upon request within 30 days of the purchase.   

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LIVE In-Person


In-person workshops  are currently being organized in Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia, etc.  The knowledge offered during workshops is based on the ancient Slavic tradition – SPAS. If you are interested in co-creating and organizing workshops in other cities/countries, please feel free to reach out, so we can discuss terms and possible fruitful future cooperation.

Here is a brief program of the workshops:


Awake your Clairvoyance 

Level 1
  • The history behind SPAS and the modern age “Jedi Knights” (Cossacks “Charachterniky”)
  • Rules to follow for safe exploration of higher levels of consciousness
  • How to balance your energy flow in just a few minutes and stay full of energy throughout the day – (“Zhgonka” – Exercise)
  • Principles of Energy Clearing and Energy Protection        
  • Guided Meditation/Visualization Exercise – Unleash Your Full Potential
  • Set of techniques/exercises to help you see Auras and safety measures
  • Meaning behind Aura colors
  • Energy Channel Activation 
  • Practical knowledge, Q&A and much more 

Initiation to Elements…

Level 2
  • Initiation to the power of 5 elements 
  • Advanced forms of quick energy clearing and energy body activation
  • Next level of “Zhgonka” – exercise to keep your energy flow balanced throughout the day
  • Guided Meditation/Visualization Exercise – Empower Yourself through Elements
  • Guided Meditation/Visualization Exercise – As above, so below
  • Principles of energy healing through elements
  • Practical exercises to train your perception of the world through elements 
  • Practical knowledge, Q&A and much more…

Connect to Your Own 

Place of Power and Ancestry 

Level 3

  • Initiation to your personal energy “Sputniks” 
  • Next level of “Zhgonka” to find your individual place of power
  • Guided Meditation/Visualization Exercise – Clearing Your Own Energy Shell
  • Guided Meditation/Visualization Exercise – The Journey to The Mountain of Ancestors
  • Guided Meditation/Visualization Exercise – The Point of Silence
  • Principles of energy healing on a distance and remote viewing 
  • Advanced practical exercises to train your extrasensory perception 
  • Practical knowledge, Q&A and much more…

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