Pineal Gland

Raise your awareness…

As discussed in the “How to Discover Magic in Life and Reach Higher Levels of Consciousness” free webinar, human brain is a vital element in the way you interact with the energy-informational reality. The part of your brain that is the key to reaching higher levels of awareness is the pineal gland (here is a good video to learn more about the topic:

Pineal gland has multidimensional/multilevel structure and can work on many different levels of higher consciousness. When you concentrate your attention on this part of your brain you direct your energy flow towards it. Your energy flows, where your attention goes. The process that takes place on the material level through the guided meditation in the following audio file only initiates the work of the pineal gland, thus if the person does not continue meditation practice it goes back to its previous state of sleep.

Please find the audio file to download the guided meditation (and if you decide to do this  meditation on regular basis please remember to record your own voice or just follow the visual script of the meditation in your mind).

Register how you feel before and after the exercise. It might take some time and practice to really see the difference. There are a lot of things to learn if you want to activated your pineal gland, improve your extrasensory perception abilities and fully awake your consciousness.

After the exercise: Write down top 3 insights you have discovered during the process.


Visualization Technique
to Activate Your Pineal Gland