Physics of Seven Chakras and How to Balance
7 Chakras Correctly

By Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor)

how to balance chakrasWhat are the seven chakras that you have probably heard about from a yoga instructor or during an energy healing session? Do they really exist? Is there anyone who has actually seen them or been able to measure them somehow? Can knowledge about chakras really improve the quality of your life? There are still many people who consider chakras to be just a part of a spiritual belief system that has nothing to do with real living.

If you stop reading this article for just a few minutes and look around, what will you see? Even though you probably will only see the material objects that occupy space in your surrounding environment, there is still something else that your eye is not accustomed to see, at least yet. There are thousands of electro-magnetic waves on different frequencies around you coming from WIFI routers, cell phones as well as FM/AM radio and TV stations. Are these waves real, even though you can’t really see or touch them? Well, you know they exist simply because if you turn on your computer or iPad, you can browse the web, you can tune into your favorite FM station and listen to some music or even use your cell phone to call your friend and ask him or her “can you see all seven chakras?

Definition of 7 chakras. What seven charkas are responsible for and where energy of life comes from.

You probably have heard that everything is energy. If you zoom in on any material or living object you will get to the scale where matter becomes energy. Chakras are the energy centers that are a part of a human energy shell or body (also known as the human aura). They are responsible for absorbing vital energy-informational particles of different spectrum from the surrounding environment and for releasing energy-informational particles from a human body. Chakras are like energy-informational routers that receive and transmit energy as well as information which makes it possible for us to interact with the surrounding environment (energy-informational field) and people.

Energy centers or chakras as the energy-informational routers

Energy centers or chakras filter and supply human body with needed energy from the chaos of the surrounding environment. Each charka has its own frequency spectrum and its own energy coding. Excessive or used energy is released from a human body through the work of chakras. They are also responsible for transmitting coded energy that is used to connect and interact with other people.

Let’s put it in simple terms and see how energy of life is related to the chakra system. We all get our energy of life from the food we eat, but only partially. Our food consumption cannot cover all the energy frequencies we need to live during a day. If we take into account the whole spectrum of energy frequencies the human body needs to really live (not just mere thoughtless material survival) then there has to be another energy source which can simply be described as the energy field.

Chakra system is like an energy-informational digestive system. It consumes energy from without and releases used or unnecessary energy that is utilized by other living or non-living systems of the surrounding environment (the field). The work of energy centers or chakras is an integral part of living a healthy life. It is commonly accepted that there are seven chakras in the human energy shell or the human aura (there are other chakra systems that use 9, 12, 16, 22, etc., energy centers to explain how human energy body works, the key is to find the one that resonates with you and the one that works for you in practice).

The seven chakras and a model of the energy-informational frequency spectrum

If you remember physics course in your high school or university, you might recall the part about electromagnetic fields and how information is transmitted through waves. Information is coded and carried by the energy wave through modulation. That is the way chakras receive and transmit information. Energy wave can be modulated by an informational wave.

Chakras: Principles of receiving and transmitting information (modulation)

Lower three human chakras are dominated by energy rather than information, while upper two chakras have more information than energy. The two energy centers in the middle 4th and 5th chakras serve as adapters of information into energy and vice versa.

Any of the seven chakras can work in two phases:
– absorbing energy and information from the surrounding space
– emitting or releasing energy and information from the human body

The phases of chakra energy flow alternate. Here is where the seven chakras are located on the human body:

7 chakras

The seven chakras and the human spine

7th chakra, Crown Chakra or Sahasrara – top of a head

6th chakra, Third Eye Chakra or Ajna – forehead, pineal gland

5th chakra, Throat Chakra or Visuddha – throat area (thyroid gland)

4th chakra, Heart Chakra or Anahata – on the heart level, center of a chest

3rd chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura – stomach or navel area

2nd chakra, Sex Chakra or Svadisthana – pubic area, lower abdomen

1st chakra, Earth Chakra or Muladhara – perineum area, the base of the spine

chakra structure

Human chakra structure

The structure of a human chakra can be visualized as a spinning cone with a diameter of 3-5cm. These “energy cones” converge as they enter the human body and then “connect” to the main energy pillar – the spine (system bus in computer terminology).

seven chakra system

Chakras and computer system bus analogy

Human chakras depending on their location in the human body facilitate the work of certain organs and body systems by supplying energy (and information) from without and emitting used energy (and information) from within the certain organs and body systems. That is the way energy is kept in balance in the human organism. Just like with breathing: you breathe in the oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. You also eat food and drink water, and then, well, you release whatever is left over 🙂 By analyzing the quality of the energy and the frequency of each chakra energy “breathing” process it is possible to evaluate what is happening in the inner organs of your body.

the seven chakras

How seven chakras are connected with nervous and endocrine systems of a human body

The Seven Chakra Test and Diagnosis Technique

It is possible to diagnose the work of chakras with certain techniques when you know how to tune your brain into a needed mode (your own brain which is a complicated radar system, read more “Human Health explained through the Physics of the Human Brain Activity“). Below you can see a picture of ideal chakra characteristics of a person that was taken using a method called pondermotor writing that is based on the new spiritual science Infosomatics.

seven chakra test

Charka test and diagnosis technique is also known as pondemotor writing technique. It was developed by a Russian scientist Polyakov and is also used in the new scientific field Infosomatics. You can see an example of an “etalon” state of chakra energy flow. It shows all seven chakras that are working in harmony and are perfectly balanced (very rare in real life practice). The image is the courtesy of the International Institute of Social Ecology.

Using various diagnosis techniques it is possible to assess the efficiency of the energy flow in each human chakra as well as overall energy state of a person. Since harmonious work of human inner organs is interrelated with the work of chakras it is possible to see a whole picture in how a human physical body is functioning as well as identify deviations (“malfunctions”) in the work of human organs and systems.

7 chakra test technique

Deviations in the graph of the spectrum analysis of chakra work show problems with the energy flow. Deviations towards the left side from the center line signals deferred state of energy flow in the chakra and deviation towards the right side from the center line shows hyper-active state of energy flow in a given chakra. Image is the courtesy of the International Institute of Social Ecology.

It might seem quite obvious that to solve problems with physical body and organs (or simply sicknesses) one needs to fix unbalanced energy flow in all 7 chakras. There are all kinds of chakra healing and chakra balancing techniques that strive to help people recover their health by working with chakra energy, however, it will still be just a short-term solution.

Most energy or chakra healing techniques are based on the fact that energy is primal to matter. If energy flow is balanced, the material organs will adjust themselves to be in harmony and the result of which will be a recovery from a sickness or a health problem. Many healers also believe that blocked chakra is the main reason why vital chakra energy is not flowing correctly to ensure the healthy function of a human body and organs. You can see people search online for “how to balance your chakras”, “how to open the seven chakras“, “chakra balancing meditation”, “chakra cleansing”, “chakra healing” as well as other related terms. However, it is not as simple as it may seem if you want to know how to balance chakras correctly with stable long-term results.

If you take into account the physics behind the energy of chakras and energy-informational map that is used in Infosomatcs, you will be able to see that the answers to the problems with health (as well as personal and professional life) lie in the process of transforming information into energy and further into matter. To get the answers you will need to go beyond the seven chakras and the human aura. You will need to look at the higher levels of consciousness.

The process of materialization and de-materialization of matter. The process of transforming information into energy and further into matter. then de-materializing back to information after going through the point of “here and now”. Energy-informational interdependence of future, past and present.

Without going too deep into the physics of materialization and de-materialization processes that define matter, it is still possible to claim that the human physical body is not a static material object. Our material body is in the constant process of manifestation and de-manifestation on the unfolding line of time and space.

Through the human brain – time is transformed into space
Natalia Bekhtereva (Russian neuroscientist and psychologist, Institute for Human Brain)

Therefore, a human (or its physical shell) is a pulsating substance in time and space that is continuously (each quantum of time) gathers together (manifests itself) in the present time and de-materializes after going through the point of “here and now”.

The human chakras, as well as the human aura, are also not constant or static in time. They manifest themselves and dissolve with the flow of time. Human aura together with its energy centers or chakras manifests itself together with the physical body of a person in the point of “here and now”.

That is why blocked chakra energy or any other unbalanced chakra related problem is often a result in the disturbance of the human bodies on the higher levels of consciousness. If there is a problem with your body’s “programming sequence” on the higher level of consciousness, it causes problems with the chakra energy flow and as an outcome physical body gets sick and you lack the energy to enjoy life.

Problems with energy can also be caused by a long-term close presence of an energy deficient person (or an energy vampire; see “5 Signs of an Energy Vampire Who Kills Your Time and Uselessly Sucks Your Energy Dry“). People who lack their own energy (often subconsciously) suck the needed spectrum of energy from people around them. In certain cases “energy vampirism” could even cause serious sickness of an energy donor.

Click on the picture to learn more about “energy vampires” and how to protect your energy

So what is the use of energy healing practices, chakra meditations or chakra balancing techniques when the real cause of the energy imbalance or sickness is living next door and very often is a relative or a sexual partner?

Opening chakras, energy healing, reiki, chakra meditation or yoga will not be a long-term solution. The energy leaches and parasites have to be disconnected first, so then the energy holes can be fixed. Certain energy disconnection, energy protection, self-guided meditation/visualization techniques can be used to do that. When you correctly practice those techniques, the flow of chakra energy is harmonized naturally without the intervention of an outside energy from a healer.

 Causes of Unbalanced Chakra Energy and How to Balance Your 7 Chakras

The true cause and solution to the problems that you might be experiencing (sickness, issues with business, money or personal relationships) lie on the higher levels of consciousness or on the energy-informational field (as Albert Einstein once said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it“). In order to find the cause and solution, one has to look on the level higher than our material reality and see the whole picture by analyzing all levels of higher consciousness.  Causes and solutions to the problems with blocked or unbalanced chakra energy often lie beyond the energy level. They lie on the mental or on the causal level of consciousness. The levels beyond the astral plane of higher consciousness hold the information about the energy structure of the astral body, human aura, and chakras. They also define how the physical body of the person should be materialized. Above the astral plane, there are Mental, Causal, Bodhi and Atman levels of higher consciousness (learn more about levels of higher consciousness from the 13 min video below).

The most common cause of problems with the harmonious flow of energy in all seven chakras is subconsciously controlling stress. That stress is often rooted on the body of memory or mental body of higher consciousness.  When the stress on the mental body is not discharged, the energy that human chakras receive in the present flows back in time to cover for that stress.

seven chakras in time

Structure of a mental body, body of memory or personal akashic records. This visual can be used to discharge certain subconsciously controlling stresses with Infosomatic visualization techniques. Click here or the picture above for more information about the mental body.

Blocked energy flow in seven chakras can also be caused by karmic problems that human body of “cause and effect” or simply causal body holds. This body exist on the causal level of higher level of consciousness and can be described as an energy-informational structure that holds the information about your previous incarnation, your hole evolutionary process on the energy field as well as your current mission and purpose in life (see How Knowing Your Cosmic Address Can Help to Realize Your Potential).  You can see the visual model of your Casual Body below.

your higher self

Causal (or karmic) level of higher consciousness. Karmic problems of the previous embodiments as causes of problems with chakra energy flow.

The harmonious life and spiritual evolution of a person should not start with learning how to open all seven chakras, chakra healing techniques or even knowledge on how to balance chakras. It should start with understanding the physics behind the energy-informational world and all higher levels of consciousness. Nature intended for us to live in harmony with its laws and be happy. When a problem is resolved on the higher levels of consciousness it allows smooth transformation of information into energy and further into matter. The side-effect of correctly balancing energy in all of your seven chakras by dealing with problems on the energy-informational level and knowing how to effectively manage your energy flow can lead to resolving problems on the material level and realizing your most sacred dreams.

For more advanced practical knowledge or personal guidance see services section of the website and feel free to contact Life Script Doctor with any related questions.

This article is based on the research of the International Institute of Social Ecology

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R. Venkataraman
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I really value the information on the seven chakras. I am a Sri Vidhya Upasak with Srichakra, nine avaranas and seven chakras asthe basics of Goddess Mother. I feel whatever you said are very interesting, but it can never be taught but to be experienced as part of our inherent knowledge and deeply inscribed into our mind .Your details are the Guru like way to understand . Excellent effort and inputs

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