Human Health Explained Through Physics of the Human Brain Activity

By Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor)

tree health visualizationConsumer-oriented mindset always pushes us for external solutions to our problems in life especially when it concerns health. Most people are still searching outside for “panacea”, “fountain of youth” or a “magic pill”. Everyone wants to be free from the constraints that problems with health can create. However, not many people are actually ready to trust their own self, their own brain and heart to find the true causes to those problems.

Any human being is a very complicated living system beyond just the material level. We all have bodies or shells that exist on the higher levels of consciousness. Through the mutual work of the human brain and the human heart, you are able to interact with those bodies. The work of those bodies is governed by the Laws of the Universe that you can learn throughout your life. Failure to fit into the ever-changing environment and going outside of your own mission causes distortion in your bodies on the higher levels of consciousness and eventually you get a material proof that the law was broken in the form of a sickness. Consequences from violating the laws of Nature can even have a long lasting negative effect on the members of the family as well as on the whole genetic line.

In other words, you are a set of energy-informational particles that were brought together by the will of a body on the higher level of consciousness (that some people call Spirit or Higher Self). One of the main tools that you use to communicate with your own Higher Self is the human brain. Knowing how the human brain interacts on the higher levels of consciousness can help to correct the distortions in your own bodies of higher consciousness and help to foresee possible problems that can arise due to your actions.

Doctors cure diseases; acquiring health is everyone’s own responsibility”.
– Nikolai Amosov (professor, cardiac surgeon, inventor)

human brain meditationHuman brain can be compared to a very complicated radar system that is able to receive information from the outside world and transform it into energy. That energy is what brings the particles together into the dense form and creates what you know as your physical body. The energy flows through biologically active points and concentrates in energy centers known as chakras.

The human brain is constantly transforming the information it receives from the surrounding environment or cosmos into the energy in order to keep the form of the energy shell (aka human aura) stable. When the energy shell is stable you get sick much less. It happens because all the energy-informational particles that can do harm are unable to get to the dense form of the energy shell which is your physical body.

It is also known that human brain has its brain zones that are responsible for specific functions of the human body. Each brain zone or a combination of the brain zones is responsible for person’s speech, memory, movement, breathing as well as other functions that you perform on daily basis.

You also interact with other people using the human brain zones. Some interactions can heal while others can cause energy-information injuries which eventually can result in sickness on the physical body. An energy-informational injury occurs when a person who is causing it (often subconsciously) disrupts the interaction pattern of the victim’s brain zones and uses “stolen” energy to replenish his or her own brain zones.

Energy healing works using the same principle. During energy healing session an energy healer provides an etalon image of the energy shell through resonance and tries to show the human brain of a client how it should function in order to keep own energy shell in balance. Hands can be simply viewed as connection channels that receive and transmit energy as well as information during a healing session. It is also very important to keep in mind that an energy healer has to disconnect from the client after each session (unfortunately, not many energy healers actually follow safety protocols and know how to correctly conduct energy-informational techniques in order to disconnect from their patients, which eventually can have consequences to both healers and the patients).

So what is a problem with health or a sickness of a physical body according to the physics of the energy field? In simple terms, sickness is the result of the energy deficiency in the human brain activity. It is when the amount of energy that is being spent to create an energy shell is much more than the amount of energy the human brain can produce by transforming information from the surrounding environment. Thus,  in order to stay healthy, you need to give your brain information of various frequencies to process. When you enjoy life at its fullest you power up your emotional shell which in terms ensures more information flowing towards the human brain (see more about the emotional shell Beyond Human Aura Energy Field – Human Heart vs. Human Brain).

When you begin to embrace your life beyond just the material plane you can power up your brain activity using such methods as self-guided meditation/visualization techniques. They can help you synchronize the work of your bodies of the higher consciousness, so you can find the solutions not only to the challenges with your health but also with problems you might be experiencing in personal or professional life.

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