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On the cosmic scale, the starting point of a human life is the date of birth. It is the point in time and space where your spirit (higher self or creative essence) connects to the material reality.  The frequency of your date of birth becomes a certain imprint. It influences how you deal with various types of energy on your journey of self discovery called life. Discovering the meaning behind the frequency of the starting point, can help to understand what truly motivates you, what is essential in making decisions and why you have certain reaction to a challenging situation. The birth date holds the keys that can open many doors on the road to realizing your full potential as well as help you find meaning in life.

The most well-known tools that can help you decode and interpret valuable knowledge that is embedded in your date of birth are probably Astrology and Numerology (there is also Human Design and many other systems). Yet, Numerology is not just about your life path number or your name, just like Astrology is not just about your Horoscope Sign. There is much more to it.  


According to Numerology, every number has its own meaning – Each number has its own vibration just like notes in music. The conceptual qualities behind numbers in Numerology can help you discover meaning in the mission of a human soul and describe personal qualities. Personal birth chart reading can reveal why some people have it easy in life while others struggle in certain areas.

Numerology chart can truly help you understand the reasons behind motivation that you and other people have.  Numerology reading really helps in understanding what truly influences the psychology of human personality.  If you are able to correctly interpret the meaning of numbers using Numerology as a tool, it can help you find many answers to sacred questions you might have. It can also help you realize why you react a certain way to events in your life while others act the way they do. Numerology gives many keys to a better understanding of how things really work and can help you open many doors in personal and professional relationships.

There are many different ways you can use the information you get from your Birth Chart Reading to improve the lifescript you are writing every day. There are also more advanced approaches like Numerology Family Tree Reading or Your Business Team Analysis (see a ~90min video recording of the reading for the GaiaNet Team), which can help reveal the energy dynamics within the group, so you can improve and taken it to the next level.

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Native to Ukraine, Dmitriy has been on the path of awakening consciousness for more than 10 years. He has been guiding people and sharing knowledge in the fields of various advanced forms of meditation/visualization techniques, energy clearing/healing/balancing/boosting, etc.  He has profound practical knowledge of the new spiritual science Infosomatics, Numerology, Rune/Glyph magick as well as many other related fields. As of today, Dmitriy is the only person who received the approval to teach energy-informational Slavic system/spiritual science Spas outside of Ukraine in a foreign language (see about section of the website for more details).

“At the end of the day, it does not really matter what you can give or take, what really matters is the level of awareness, happiness and abundance you can reach in order to share it with others”.


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