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On the cosmic scale, the starting point of human life is the date of birth. As a living object throughout your life, you are moving in cosmos from point A to point B. Your date of birth is the point A that defines the coordinates for cosmos (divine or higher consciousness). These coordinates are the point in time and space that is used to send a certain potential for it to be realized. On the date of birth, the human brain starts to receive the information about that potential on the frequency that a certain date has. The vibrations of the date of birth influence, but do not fully define what truly motivates the person born on that date, what is essential for him or her in making choices and what will be his or her initial reaction to a certain situation. The birth date holds the keys that can open many doors on the road to realizing your full potential as well as help you find meaning in life.

The human life can be compared to the process of writing a book. For a book to be born, someone has to connect the ink in the pen with the paper. When the tip of the pen touches the surface of the paper and ink begins to flow, the mystery of life begins. The idea of a book already exists even before it is written and even though the writer might not know the exact words the pen will have to write, how many pages the book will have or how much time exactly it will take to write the book – the potential of existence is given to the book at the point of time and space when the ink in the pen hits the paper.

The potential that you receive when you are born is determined by the position of the planets, by the energy of numbers of the birth date as well as by the vibrations of the surrounding environment that you are born to (the energy state of your family, past life experiences, and place where you are born, etc). With the potential that is given to you on your date of birth, you also get the free will. It gives you an opportunity to create the life you want. Free will of a person is sacred.  The knowledge about the potential that was given to you on the date of birth, can be very beneficial in order to find balance and harmony in life.

The most well-known tools that can help you interpret the information that is embedded in your date of birth are probably Astrology and Numerology (there is also Human Design and many other systems). Numerology is not just about your life path number or your name, it has much more to it and there are different ways that it can be used in practice. It is also not just about your Personal Birth Chart Reading, as there are Numerology Business Team Analysis and Family Tree Charts that can help see a bigger picture and the energy dynamics within the group.

Below you can find the video recording (~90min) of one of the recent Numerology Team Readings I did for the GaiaNet team. Feel free to reach out with any related questions or inquiries using the contact form on the website.