Rituals Rus

МедитацияТренинг на основе старших арканов таро астральный макияж Станьте более привлекательным для Вашего настоящего или будущего партнёра Ignite new honeymoon in your current relationships or attract a new partner that will be the catalyst for realizing your full potential (side effects may include attracting new opportunities for you to grow). сила древних мистических сил Позвольте […]

magic ointment

Magic Ointment/Cream Over 40 herbs and natural organic essential oils, magically enchanted for well-being and prosperity. At least one year of maturity and special secret way of preparation. Can be used for a newborn and all the way to old age. Works on both physical and energy-informational levels. Known to have energy clearing, protection and […]

Karma Correction Visualization Technique – Fix Stress From The Past

The result of this technique would be getting back all the energy that you have lost in those stressful events in your past and you will be able to use this energy “in the now” which will give you something extra that you will be able to invest on the energy level to help you succeed on your road of life.