All you need is a beeswax candle, long matches (usually the ones used for a fireplace), scented sticks, high-frequency music, and tweezers. Don’t worry, it will be something like a meditation with some support from elements and your own open willing and playful mind would also be a great plus.

First, you light up a beeswax candle (beeswax is preferred over a regular wax candle because when a beeswax candle is burning its vibration frequency is higher and more natural).

Then, you turn on some high-frequency music. It could be Tibetian bells/bowls, violin or any other meditational music that you prefer. You light up a scented stick (preferably sandal tree) and then, a very “simple task” you need to clear your mind from vanity thoughts. An easy way to do it is to relax, follow your breath and sit for about 9 seconds without any thought in your head (thinking of “I have no thoughts in my head” – is a thought ;). Just try to relax, breathe in with your nose and breathe out with your mouth and let your higher-self take the wheel. Put your logic on the passenger’s seat and let it observe what will happen without having a chance to take action or even have a word in what is going on just for the time of the technique.

After you find yourself in a comfortable and relaxing state of mind take a long match with the tweezers in your right hand (holding the tweezers closer to the top of the match where the brimstone is). Let your mind intuitively visualize a negative event of your life that is holding you back the most. Just ask your higher-self or your intuition to show it to you. You might see certain people, events, images or experience certain emotions. Don’t get scared if you see familiar faces,  friends, parents or your partner whom you love dearly. Just let your higher-self do the work you asked it to do.

Then, in your imagination, create a connection between the event or the stress that you are seeing with the match you are holding in your tweezers. After that, you can light up the match from the part without brimstone. While the match is burning, think about this event or stress going in flames. You are basically burning off this stress from your life and asking your higher-self to no longer treat it as something important. You are burning this stress into the lesson that you have already learned. While doing that you might experience waves of warmth, tingling in different parts of your body or you might even get very emotional and cry. All of it is normal. If stress is very powerful, one match might not be enough, so you can use as many matches per situation you working with as you like. After you intuitively feel that you are done with a given stress you can light up the last match for this negative event. The last match is to re-write the past in your mind – visualize what you would have done using all the wisdom that you have acquired today. After you are done with the last match, you can start on the next stress and repeat the procedure (doing this technique for more than 45-60 minutes is not recommended). Just remember to let your intuition take the wheel and guide you.

The result of this technique is getting back all the energy that you have lost in those stressful negative events in your past.  The energy that you clear will now be available for you at the point of “here and now” which will give you an energy boost or bonus energy, that you will be able to invest on the energy level to help you succeed on your road of life.

For more advanced practical knowledge, powerful self-guided meditation/visualization techniques or personal guidance see shop/services section of the website and feel free to contact Life Script Doctor with any related questions.

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7 years ago

Hmmm. A very effective exercise. But requires willingness to allow blocks appear and willingness to let go. Blocks can be crutches.

Kelli Vertrees
Kelli Vertrees
6 years ago

Awesome information here as I AM a truthseeker.