Magic Ointment/Cream

Over 40 herbs and natural organic essential oils, magically enchanted for well-being and prosperity. At least one year of maturity and special secret way of preparation. Can be used for a newborn and all the way to old age. Works on both physical and energy-informational levels. Known to have energy clearing, protection and healing qualities. It is easier to say what it cannot help cure then to list all its properties.

Here are just a few ways of possible usage:

–        Helps cure any kind of cold or flu (just apply it on your feet, arms back, chest and throat for healing warmth effect)

–        Relieves headaches/migraines (apply around lobe area, behind ears, back of the head and massage temples for a few minutes)

–        Against thrombophlebitis and varicose veins

–        Helps heal joint inflammation

–        Helps heal muscle spasms/cramps, pinched nerve, trigeminal facial nerve, sciatic nerve inflammation, neuralgia

–        Greatly enhances any healing types of massages

–        Helps quickly cure wounds, bruises

–        Removes oral herpes

–        During gynecological inflammation, prostatitis

–        Various skin diseases (especially acne) 

If there are more specific questions on how to apply it for certain purposes – feel free to reach out to find the answer.

P.S. there is also a special beauty/eternal youth variation of the ointment

current price is 100Euro for 50gramms (usually enough for a year for one person if used regularly but not heavily). Preferred way of payment is revolut: