Noetic Science and Infosomatics – Spiritual Sciences of Higher Consciousness

By Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor)

Many of you have probably heard about the research of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). It is an Institute that conducts research in noetic theories, human potential, and consciousness. The main fields of IONS research are alternative healing, meditation, psychic abilities, psychogenesis and similar areas. Even though the work of the Institute is currently not accepted by the general scientific community there are a lot of interesting findings in the research of the Institute.

There is also another field of modern science that is even less known than Noetics  – the name of this scientific field is Infosomatics. This new science is based on the law of transformation of information from higher consciousness into energy and further into matter while taking into account the flow of time. According to this law, the human body is an object of the material world that is formed as the result of the informational programs on the higher levels of consciousness. Any sickness of a human body or problems in professional and personal life are mainly caused by the disturbance in the energy-informational bodies of a human on the higher levels of consciousness. In other words, the cause and the solution of the problems on the material plane lie on the higher levels of consciousness. Infosomatics studies the way human energy and informational bodies interact and how this knowledge can be useful in everyday life. Info – stands for information and somatics – means body manifestation. Infosomatics is the main field of study of the International Institute of Social Ecology and even though the area of research is quite similar to the International Institute of Noetic Science the approach is different.

Noetic Scientists mainly rely on the equipment and devices in their research. Scientists in the field of Infosomatics have chosen to use practice as the criteria for testing the truth and the main device that is used in the research for proof of any phenomena is human brain and reactions of a human body. If there is a problem in the human brain the only true solution to the problem can be found by using the brain itself. Any equipment or device is the results of human brain activity and certain physical manipulations with the matter. Thus, material devices and equipment have certain limitations as to what levels of higher consciousness can be reached to receive information.  The human brain is a much more complicated system than any device known to man, and learning how to correctly use it can be very beneficial in finding the answers to many questions as well as improving the quality of life.

Both Noetic Science and Infosomatics can give many answers as well as offer effective tools and methods that help people discover their potential and establish communication with higher levels of consciousness.

There is really no reason to argue which approach is more correct or better – they are just different and they are both needed. If we take the definition of science: science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the Universe, then we can see that both Noetic Science and Infosomatics match the definition and can be a reliable source of information. Both mentioned fields are essentially directed to help people evolve and find a better living. The ultimate goal of any scientific field is to propose a theory that would actually work in practice and help explain how things really work.

Nevertheless, our history teaches us that for the new scientific paradigm to become the leading worldview the old paradigm has to die. Never in the history of mankind, representatives of the old paradigm willingly agreed to accept the new paradigm even if there was proof and it just made sense.

Still, most people believe that information that we get from devices is more objective that the information we receive as certain thoughtforms in our brain. Knowing how to calibrate the work of your brain and using an objective signaling system can allow you to analyze human energy-informational bodies and see if their work is synchronized with the energy flow on the higher levels of consciousness.

Human health and success in life are just side effects of balanced bodies on the higher levels of consciousness, also known as energy-informational bodies. Through visualization techniques, self-guided meditations, as well as other methods can allow you to not only find the true cause of a certain problem but also fix it on the informational level – on the level of higher consciousness.

Scientists at the International Institute of Social Ecology have been conducting their research since 1991 and there is statistical proof of positive results from using Infosomatic techniques in practice.  There are cases when different types of cancer, diabetes, chronic and virus diseases were cured using Infosomatic techniques. When bodies of the higher planes are brought to its Natural etalon state – when they are synchronized with person’s mission in life – the Nature’s regeneration processes are turned on and people experience what may seem as miraculous recoveries. In reality, is just bringing person’s energy-informational bodies to the harmony intended by Nature.  Human purpose in life is to be happy and creative in the field that brings joy.  Nature exists to ensure that we follow its laws and our purpose. Thus, when we violate the laws of Nature, it tries to guide us back to the balance and our own mission through certain signals that we perceive as sickness on our physical body.

With the help of spiritual science, anyone interested and willing to change can acquire the worldview that will help safely work on the higher levels of consciousness. Exploration of the energy-informational field can be done without any device that was created by man but rather through the device that was created by Nature itself – the human brain. Besides, we all heard that humans only use up to 10% of their brain potential. There is a lot of new things and abilities that are waiting for us to be discovered. Something is considered to be magic and extrasensory ability until it can be explained by a scientist.

There is a world of potential that is waiting for you to be realized. If your open your mind and awaken your consciousness, you will know how to direct your own will, so you can discover your purpose and make your choice towards a happier life.

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jody kuhl
jody kuhl
9 years ago

Love it! More please 🙂