7-Chakra Life Cycles, Crisis Years and How to do Well in The School of Life

By Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor)

The school of life is the place where you are always given an opportunity to learn. The process of learning makes the journey more interesting and gives you a chance to evolve. Exams in this school can be simply described as crisis years or times of drastic transformations in life. These are the years that test how well you were able to learn the lessons offered by the Universe and how well you have managed to implement the solutions to challenges in life. If you pass the exams, you are offered a chance to get to the next level in order to meet new teachers that help you learn new things about life.

It is great when you have the knowledge on how to pass the tests that crisis years bring, but what if you don’t. The major signs that you are failing one of the exams are problems with health, personal as well as professional life.  Even if you have failed the exam, it doesn’t mean that your cycle of life ends.  If one of the exams turns out to be an unresolved challenge, you still have a chance to fix it during your next cycle. However, they do tend to pile up which makes it much harder to pass the exams of the previous cycles. Besides, you still have things to deal with during your current cycle. Constant failure can eventually lead to being expelled from the school of life, but sooner or later you would still have to pass the exams, perhaps in your “next life” 😉

Just like everything in the Universe, human life has its cycles. You are probably well aware of different periods or stages in human life: you are born, you go through infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. However, don’t you think that there have to be more to life than as someone put it ” Borned, Puberted, Worked till you dead, That’s about it”?

To answer this question, let’s consider combining a scientific theory that cells in the human body replace themselves every 7 years and characteristics of 7 energy centers (chakras) of a human body (if chakra is a new concept for you, check Physics of Seven Chakras and How to Balance 7 Chakras Correctly). Both of those theories can be integrated into a 7×7 table. It might actually help you explain what human life is all about (see the picture below). Perhaps it will also answer questions you might have had about the school of life. The knowledge about the 7-year cycles can help to “connect the dots”, so you can discover what lessons you have already learned and which exams you still need to get yourself ready for.

Vertical column shows which energy center (chakra) is leading during a 7-year cycle. The leading chakra is responsible for nearly 60% of the energy in a human aura (or energy shell). The horizontal line shows the chakras that are responsible for the 20% of the energy during a certain year of your life.  Characteristics and meaning behind the energy centers will help interpret the 7×7 table.

1-7 yrs

During the first 7-year cycle you need to answer the question – where am I? Activating the immune system is your top priority and goal for the first 7 years of your life – you have to “ground” yourself in the world through learning the basic functions of each energy center.   Since everything around is so new, you have to study and test everything. You test and train your senses, you learn to walk, talk and independently take care of your bodily functions.

” Parents teach us to walk and talk so in the future they can say – sit down and shut up ” – Anonymous 

7 year chakra cyclesYou have to set the foundation: embrace the energy around you, learn what needs to be done in order to survive, discover how to express your emotions, grasp the correct way to direct your willpower, experience how your mind and intuition work.  Some sources claim that first 70 days signify first seventy years of a person’s life (if you carefully watch your kid during that period you might have a good chance of predicting his or her future).

Your first 7-year cycle in the school of life is very important. It is the time when your energy shell is formed. It requires a lot of groundwork from your still fragile energy centers. Your energy shell starts to experience and learns how to interact with the geomagnetic grid of the planet (for more details see the work of Dr. Ernst Hartmann,  Bruce Cathie, Bethe Hagens and William Becker as well as other sources on “magnetic grid” of the planet Earth).

You discover the abilities that will help you survive and succeed in life. This cycle is also very important because even though you love and cherish your biological parents, by the end of the cycle you might get a feeling that they will not pamper and take care of you for the rest of your life. There are certain things that require your own action and responsibility. There is still a higher force (Cosmos, Spirit, Guardian Angel, Higher Self or Higher Consciousness) that is always there to help you when you need it.

The ideal result for the first 7-year cycle is a happy childhood (even if you have had harsh parents and difficult childhood there should have been at least few moments of happiness that you cherish). Having happy childhood memories will help your future self still believe in miracles and magic. They are the base for your creative essence and will give you better chances to become happy in your adult life. Through the first seven years, you ground the energy vibration behind each of the seven chakras. By activating your immune system you learn that surrounding world loves you and ready to play with you. You learn how to express love and love yourself through the love of your parents, which is a vital empowering experience to build a happy adult life.

8-14 yrs

The next 7-year cycle is all about embracing the power of your energy engine (2nd chakra). It is the time when you realize the difference between genders and the time when puberty hits you. It is very important to learn how to accept your own gender and appreciate the role of the opposite gender in life. Otherwise, you might run into problems with gender roles in your adulthood.

7 year cycle life coachingDuring this cycle, you truly begin to explore freedom of your potential talents and creative essence. It is the time when your energy generator awakens.  You become very active physically and you want to excel in sports. This is also the time when your mind becomes very dynamic and hungry for new knowledge. Parents should see this hunger and try to help satisfy it, perhaps even rediscover the learning process themselves. A lot of times being an example is the best way to motivate a young teenager who hasn’t really figured out where to invest all this powerful energy.  If parents just let things flow as it is, it could lead to the passiveness of the child and challenges that would have to be resolved in the future adult life of the child.

Even though you are still a child, in this 7-year cycle, you want everyone to start treating you as an adult. This is the time when you want to express your own opinions. You have so much energy to give and you need to release it somehow. Giving your judgment to everything that is happening is often the way most young teenagers go for. It is a very important time for parents since they have to play the role of a mentor. They have to be careful not to break the child but they also should give limits on how and when the creative energy can be used.

This is the time when you begin to help around the house and learn how to be responsible with your studies and chores. With the help of your parents and from your own trials and errors, you learn how to cope with vast influence from the surrounding environment – school, friends, the internet and other media.

15-21 yrs

seven year chakra cycleThis is the cycle when you begin to interact with the collective consciousness on the big scale for the first time. This cycle teaches you how to survive and live in the society (or social matrix). As a teenager, you might feel the need to join a certain social group in order to explore the ways you can express your own unique traits. Everything seems to be wrong and a strong desire to change everything to your liking drives a lot of your actions. During this cycle, you are physically and mentally going through a real transformation from adolescence into the adulthood.  You are becoming a member of society. You start to learn about the rights that adults have. This is the time when you already receive certain freedoms offered by society – you can get married without consent from parents, vote, sign contracts, in many countries you can legally buy tobacco and even alcohol. This 7-yr cycle can be simply described as “Coming of Age” process.

Young women in ancient Rome during this period were learning how to become wives, mothers, and guardians of the house, while young men had to go to the army in order to learn how to serve their country and society.

This is the cycle when most people lose their virginity – both physically and mentally.  During this cycle, you realize many truths about your world and you try to do your best to fit in. This is the cycle of various extreme mood swings. Sometimes you might be just trying too hard to fit in. Suppressing your inner child in order to prove that you are already an adult can lead to many unresolved issues and problems in your future.

There is also a danger of not fitting into any social group – it can lead to depression, passiveness, laziness and shutting yourself from the outside world. Outside world is just trying to teach you how to survive in society.  Even though you might be going through a lot of changes, you are still just a kid who wants to be taken care of and looked after. You are trying to prove to yourself, parents and society that you are unique and that you deserve a happy life. In many cases, you may idealize the world around you and expect ideal treatment from others.

The role of parents in this cycle is to stop being strict teachers and become friends of the young adults who are still just children for them. Sometimes a simple conversation can really go a long way. However, the key is to avoid dogmatic preaching or imposing your own worldview. Parents have to build trust. They should allow their teenage children make their own mistakes so they can learn.

” If you want to help a professional  – step away  and don’t be in the way, if you want to help the one who is still learning – do it together with him, if you want to help an elderly person do it for him, if you want to help a fool –  you are a fool”  

– Source Unknown

Children should know that they are accepted and loved as they are, so they can independently test the limits of their newly discovered freedom.  One very important aspect that every teenager has to learn (and it happens one way or another, sooner or later) is the fact that there is much more to life than themselves or the social group they belong to. During this 7-year cycle, most of us are still children with romantic and idealistic worldview.  By the end of this cycle, a young man or a woman should have all the needed skills and knowledge to live an independent life as an adult – physically as well as mentally.

During these 7 years of following “the yellow brick road” you begin to secure your survival by starting to use acquired knowledge in previous cycles in practice. You begin your journey of bringing to life and sharing your own unique creative essence with the surrounding world.

22-28 yrs

When you reach your fourth 7-year cycle, you are showing all the qualities of a fully grown adult in terms of your physical body, but you are most likely still just a child when it comes to understanding how our world really works.

It is the time to find the means for an independent adult life in society. In order to find a long-term solution to this dilemma, you need to find what kind of work brings you the most emotional return on your energy investment. In other words, you need to discover effective ways of investing your skills and knowledge, so you can experience the full spectrum of the emotional energy. Knowing how to correctly exchange your energy for the benefits offered by the society, gives you a chance to support yourself on the material level and actually enjoy the process. Following your passion gives you a chance to stay on the lane with the green light (the color of the 4th energy center – Heart chakra) and learn about the power of your emotional energy which is vital for quality life and success in the future.

One of the keys to this cycle is breaking away from the illusions that were created by parents. Your parents can, of course, keep playing a major role in your life, but only if they are evolving themselves. If they encourage your freedom and if you can help each other in realizing the individual creative essences of your higher selves.  It might sound harsh, but in a way, from the beginning of this cycle, you no longer owe anything to your genetic relatives, especially when you are being forced to do something that you intuitively know is wrong. Thus, if someone from your family is manipulating you to do something without taking into account your needs as well (unless you are lying lazily on the couch doing nothing and living off of your parents and family), you have the full right to refuse.Rocket Launch

You have to remember that in most cases children are born with the capacity for higher frequency brain activity than parents. One can claim that it is the reason and law of human evolution. When you become a young adult, you need to find your own way and start a new family. It is great when your parents can also become the part of the big family of consciously awake like-minded people, those who connect with you on the deeper spiritual level. However, it is not often the case. Recognizing the following notion can truly help during this life cycle.

The main theme of this cycle is to find your own way of moral judgment, conscience or “The Importance of Being Earnest” (the title of an Oscar Wilde’s play describes it quite well). It is the time to search for the life partner and start building a family if it happens to be the right time for you. You also have to acquire emotional intelligence so later in life you are resilient to any kind of stress and you know how to react to any challenging situation.

Understanding how emotions help your own creativity and learn to identify low-frequency emotional energy directed to merely satisfy physical or social selfishness is the main goal of this cycle. Your happiness is built on the foundation of your emotional intelligence.  This is the time of freedom and you are often given chances to make mistakes you can learn from.  During these 7 years, you become a fully fledged member of society and hopefully learn how to still have fun in the jungle of social life.

chakra life cycles visualizationThe whole cycle is the great exam of adulthood – you have a goal to survive without killing your soul. At the end of the cycle, you need to find your own answer to the issues of faith, honor and service (all the problems from previous incarnations are screaming to be solved as well). You can experience the conflict of material and spiritual (or creative) essences. Your future life depends on who will win this battle: society or your higher self with its goals and creative essence. If by the end of this cycle you don’t learn how to facilitate your emotional energy and follow your own intuition, you may fall under the illusion of happiness that is offered by society. Fake values of society may even push you to join the “club 27” as many talented people in history did (search for “club 27” in google to learn more).  During this cycle, you are gathering materials that will be used to build a house of your success and happiness in the future.  The real process of building will only start during the next cycle, but it will be harder to find needed materials down the road if you lose the opportunities during this cycle.

29-35 yrs

During this 7-year “semester”, you begin to exercise your own will. By this time you should have already discovered at least a hint of what your true purpose is. In other words you should know what makes you happy and now you have the energy of your will to make it happen. This is the cycle when you become the creator and you begin to test the limits of your creativity. The connection with your Higher Self should be more clear so that you can identify the energy parasites and leaches that were living off your energy and potential without giving anything back (unfortunately, it is often your family, relatives, “best friends”, business partners, etc…)

You are free to exercise your will within the limits of your mission and under guidance from your Higher Self (5th energy center or chakra is responsible for your own voice and willpower).  Your creativity has to be supported by your strong will and by the practical knowledge you have gained from previous experiences. Expression of your will in the right direction (the direction that is given to you by your own Spirit, Higher Self or simply intuition) can produce great results and satisfaction.

You should be careful though. Many people during this cycle find themselves living according to a strict schedule (home-work-home) and that they have almost forgotten how to truly enjoy life. You might get scared that you haven’t accomplished much by 30 years of age (as many people believe that this is the age when they should already have everything: family, house and fulfilling job) and you might even start trying harder when perhaps you need to stop, so you can “sharpen your axe”:

7 chakra life cycles axe picture

 John, a woodcutter, worked for a Company for five years but never got a raise. The Company hired Bill and within a year he got a promotion. This caused resentment in John and he went to his Boss to talk about it. The Boss said, “You are still cutting the same number of trees you were cutting five years ago. We are a result-oriented company and would be happy to give you a raise if your productivity goes up.”
John went back started hitting harder and putting in longer hours but he still wasn’t able to cut more trees. He went back to his Boss and told him his dilemma. The Boss asked John to go and talk to Bill. “Maybe there is something Bill knows that you and I don’t.”
John asked Bill how he managed to cut more trees. Bill answered, “After every tree I cut, I take a break for two minutes and ‘sharpen my axe’. When was the last time you sharpened your axe? .

You might also find yourself in full disappointment and depression since you didn’t reach the goals that you had set for yourself. It could lead to becoming passive (when it is actually the time to exercise your will) and you might even consider yourself a lost cause – the truth is that the real life hasn’t even started and you are just learning the tools and skills that will help you be happy and successful. Remember – it’s not about the destination, it is about the journey of reaching your full potential.

There are also those who are really scared of making decisions since they believe that it is their last chance to change anything in their life. The choice is once again quite simple – you either become an average member of society or you follow your heart and intuition in realizing your potential through exercising your creativity. You have to carry out inner elections and either vote for a stable boring life or life full of miracles and extraordinary events. Answering the following questions may help:

1) what skills that I have learned  in my life so far will help me become successful and realize my potential and what events in my life were just lessons that helped me learn something and I don’t want to drag them into my future life of happiness;

2) am I living an illusion by fulfilling someone else’s goals or am I really living to realize my own unique mission that was set by my own higher self?

Once again, you are trying to find the correct way through trial and error, but his time you are testing your will and determination. Luck is always a bonus to the one who has courage, perseverance, faith, patience, and passion.  During this cycle, you get the chance to make your own choice – and give your final answer – material things or spiritual/creative journey.

It is one of the key cycles in the school of life – all further cycles will depend on the choices and decisions you make during this cycle. This is the time when you need to set your priorities straight.

35-42 yrs

Sixth energy center or chakra leads the way during these 7 years of your life. It is the time when you need to think your life over and become wise.

 What is the difference between a wise and a smart person? A smart person will always find a way out of any difficult situation or problem, a wise person would not get him or herself into a difficult situation or create a problem because he or she can foresee them based on the experience acquired from being smart. – Anonymous

This cycle gives a strong recommendation to practice the worldview based on the laws of the Universe and learn to live according to the wisdom you have acquired during all the previous cycles.  When you reach this cycle, you should be able to control your emotions and your will – you should be wise in your actions.

You need to be already wise in the ways you invest your talents into society. If the energy that is given to you by your higher self is spent wisely, you have a great chance to be happy. If you begin to only satisfy your physical and ego-driven needs then you might get in trouble during the time of your next exam.

thinking_manDuring this cycle, many people tend to analyze their life in the previous cycles and discover what decisions and actions were actually leading them towards fulfilling their mission in life. At times you may feel very lonely during this cycle – you need to re-analyze, re-discover and perhaps even rebuild your inner world and values. The feeling that there is just not enough time left to do anything can really crawl up on you. This is the time of the final battle: Wisdom of Heart vs. Wisdom of Logic.

To put it simply, this cycle gives you another chance to change everything and connect with your higher self and start living your life guided by your intuition – your own unique inner truth (that is if you haven’t been doing it already ). If this cycle is lived through correctly, then a new meaning and purpose in life can be found. Some people start everything over during this cycle or decide to do so by the end of this cycle. If you are still not listening to your heart and your intuition then you should get ready to face the consequences quite soon. If this cycle is passed incorrectly, it can lead to a bitter aging process and early retirement life full of sickness and meaningless bitterness.

It could also be a tough time for those who have actually found their purpose in life and are moving fast to realize their true potential. Now they actually have to be in line with the image they have created. They can’t just talk the talk, now they actually have to walk the walk as well. For some people, it could be a great disappointment to see disbalance between the great idea or life they dreamed about, and actual life that they are living. You just need to find the power in yourself to make everything better, and this cycle gives an opportunity to embrace the wisdom that you have acquired. Sometimes you might even have to break stereotypes and test the new limits. If the final exam of this cycle is passed, you will be rewarded with the new clearer ways of communicating with your Higher Self, discover the world in a new light and see people around you in a new light.

43-49 yrs

chakra cycles visualization techniquesThe seventh chakra of a human body is the one responsible for your connection with cosmos and Higher Self. During these years you need to establish yourself in the new ideology directed towards fulfilling your full potential.  These years reveal the true role you were playing together with your Higher Self. If you are still obsessed with the material things without exercising your creativity, then there is a great chance for you to stumble upon problems in your social, professional as well as the life of your physical body. This is the cycle when you need to find and establish your own unique way of communication with your Higher Self and live under the guidance of your intuition. The end of this cycle is the exam that ends your spiritual childhood.


I must learn that I cannot be loved by everyone. That is the ideal. In our world, it is not often found. I can be the finest plum in the world, ripe, juicy, succulent and offer myself to all. But I must remember that there will be people who do not like plums.

I must understand that if I am the world’s finest plum and someone I love does not like plums, I have the choice of becoming a banana. But I must be warned that if I choose to become a banana, I will be a second rate banana. However I can always be the best plum. I must realize that if I choose to be a second rate banana, I run the risk of the loved one finding me second rate and wanting only the best, discarding me. I can then spend my life trying to become the best banana – which is impossible if I am a plum – or I can seek again to be the best plum.

In other words, if you are a plum – be the best darn plum you can possibly be – YOU ARE THE BEST YOU!  – Leo Buscaglia

If you fail to pass the final exam of 49 years, there is a good chance your Higher Self will start losing interest in the physical shell you know as your human body and lose charisma as well as the passion for life. It could also cause your descent into the bitter land of unfulfilled dreams. Any major health issue before or after this cycle is just a sign that a person is not fulfilling the mission that was given by the Higher Self.

This cycle is also very important for personal relationships. For some, it could be the time of divorce since both partners may realize that there is nothing holding them together.  For others, it can be the time of Renaissance and Enlightenment in personal life and discovery of the true meaning of love between a man and a woman. If you are able to stop blaming others for the problems you might be experiencing in your love life you will be given a chance to find happiness in every hour, minute and second of your life. The key to successfully go through this cycle is finding the answer to the following question – what is truly important for you in a relationship with people around you as well as the surrounding world?

This cycle can become the source of inspiration, creativity, and new ideas when you embody the talents of your full potential in order to share it with the world. This cycle offers you a unique opportunity to rediscover yourself and the world around so you can awake your consciousness to the mysteries of the Universe. go beyond life coaching

Of course, your life does not end after the 7-year cycles. You continue your journey of spiritual self-discovery in the school of life and learn new things. The way of looking at life described in this article is not a strict schedule. Some people learn the lessons and pass the exams way before they turn 49. You just need to remember that your happiness depends on how well you can realize your creative essence under the guidance of your Higher Self. Next cycles offer you a chance to share your experience and tell your story to the world. Some say that the most effective way to learn is to teach it to others. Thus if you have discovered success and true happiness in your life, you should find the way to help others reach it as well.

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Tim Wilkerson
10 years ago

Please continue with the 7 year cycles. I’m 56. 🙂

Life Script Doctor
10 years ago
Reply to  Tim Wilkerson

56 is actually double 28 😉 a very important year. In short – it is “grounding” yourself on the new level of “spiritual” adulthood 😉 Where spirituality is related to realizing the mission of your Spirit and living in a creative process.

7 years ago

thank you for this. I am also 56!!!! x

Laura Scott
Laura Scott
9 years ago

Hello, I need your help with this 7th cycle in my life. Age 22 to 40 was great career wise. But, I failed in my career and relationships. I am now 53 yrs old and single. Can I get a new , fresh start?
Thank you,
Laua Scott

2 years ago
Reply to  Laura Scott

Heal your traumas and your domains will balance – I pray you have found this in the last 7 years

7 years ago

My God thank you for this! I am 57 and I’m right there with my spiritual life yearning for more. I’m tired of the material and the stuff that don’t matter. I’m a frustrated with the jobs I keep taking. I do well for awhile but I am not fulfilled. My hearts desire is to help with my grandchildren. I have this strong pull to be home and help with them giving them the support and encouragement that they will need to face life. My children do a great job but there is nothing like the wisdom and love of grandparents. My grandparents raised me I wouldn’t have made it without them. Can you give me advise on a fresh start?

Life Script Doctor
7 years ago
Reply to  CRivers

just sent you an email with the answer to your question 😉

Thomas Steele
Thomas Steele
7 years ago

Thank you!!

6 years ago

Excellent article! Many thanks!

5 years ago

I wish I knew this when I was 21. I’d have built a different life. I am not saying I won’t make changes to my current life after reading this article but where it’d come handy is the next generation. I’ll explain it to them in early stages so that they can make use of this knowledge as they build their own lives. Thank you so much. This is true wisdom.

9 months ago

What happens after 49 years old? Emerging on my 50th birthday next yeat, happy and content, eager to explore life.
Would love to have some more information about the next cycle.