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You can find similar self-guided meditation/visualization techniques in modern psychotherapy or NLP courses. First, you need to concentrate on your breathing and relax. When you find yourself in the meditative state, remember a situation in your life when you made the best choice in your life. It could be any decision in your life that triggered positive events and brought positive results (you can simply imagine buying a winning lottery ticket).  It has to be the choice the outcome of which made you really happy. Imagine that this choice is a sphere and allow your subconscious mind to place it in a space around you (you can imagine that you are under hypnosis and your hand is putting this sphere on a certain spot somewhere around you).

The next step would be remembering a bad choice that you made in your life. You could still regret that you ever made this decision and feel bad about it.   Imagine that this choice is represented by a sphere and allow your subconscious mind to put it somewhere in the area around you.

Visualization Technique
Making Decisions

Now you have two spheres lying in the imaginary space around you. You can draw a straight line between them which will symbolize a scale of correctness for the choice that you want to make. Let’s call this line – line of correct choice. Now, if you have to make a choice in your life and you want to make the right choice you can communicate with your subconscious mind using this line of correct choice. You can visualize a small screen above the line of correct choice and allow your subconscious mind show you the movie on what will happen with you if you make this choice and then let this screen fall into the line of correct choice. Notice where on the line of correct choice the screen will fall, will it be closer to the decision that made you happy or to the choice that you still regret. You can do the same with the second choice. Allow your subconscious mind show you the outcome on the screen and see where this screen will fall on the line of correct choice.  You probably already figured out that the correct choice would be the one the screen of which ended up closer to the sphere of the choice that made you happy on the line of correct choice.

It is very important to feel the energy of the choice through your body. When your brain is showing you certain images or an outcome of the situation, your body is what usually reacts the first. When thinking about or visualizing the outcome of a bad decision or choice, you might feel nausea, pain in your stomach or uncomfortable feeling in your solar plexus. Vividly visualizing yourself in the future when you made a correct decision can bring a smile on your face (or inner smile), you might feel that a certain burden went away and you might feel a wave of warmth all over your body.

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