Tale of Useless Suffering – How You Can Ruin Your Own Life

By Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor)

–      Is this the line to give sacrifice?

–      Yes, it’s here!

–      You will be behind me. I am number 852, so your number will be 853…

–      Oh my God… that’s a long line.

–      Don’t worry it moves quickly. In whose name will you be making the sacrifice?

–      I will be making my sacrifice in the name of love, how about you?

–      I will be making mine in the name of my kids. My children are everything to me.

–      What did you bring as a sacrifice?

–      My own personal life. I just wish for my kids to be healthy and happy. I am giving them everything, everything. A good man asked me to marry him, but I refused. How can I bring a stepfather to the house where my children live? I quit my favorite job because it was a long way from the house. I got a job as a janitor/maid at the kindergarten, where my kids are. That way I can look after them and make sure that they are taken care of and have enough food. I give everything to the kids! I don’t leave anything for myself.

–      Oh, I hear you and totally understand. I want to sacrifice my personal life … You see… me and my husband have nothing in common for a long time now. We grew apart and he even has another woman. I also found another man, but… I just wish that my husband would leave me first! However, he does not want to leave me for her! He cries and tells me that he has got used to me and he is comfortable… I feel very sorry for him! He is crying! And that is the way we are living together now…

A door opens, and a voice says: “№852, please come in!”

–      Oh, that’s me, I’d better go. I am so nervous!!! What if they don’t accept my sacrifice?

№853 clenches up while waiting for her turn. It seemed forever and then finally №852 walked out of the door.

–      How did it go? What did they tell you? Did they accept the sacrifice?

–      No… It turns out that there is a probation period. They sent me to think it over.

–      How? Why? Why not approve the sacrifice now?

–      Oh, my dear, they asked me: “Did you think it over well? You can’t change it back” and I told them “It’s ok. The kids will grow up and they will value the sacrifice their mother has given”. But they told me: “Sit down and watch the screen”. And on the screen they started showing a very strange movie about me, as if my children were already grown up. My daughter got married and went far away, my son calls me once a month as if I were forcing him to do so and my daughter-in-law always mutters against me…. And I tell to my son “What is happening? why is she doing this to me?” and he says “Mom, please don’t get involved in our life. Don’t you have anything better to do?” But what do I have, I was doing everything for my children!? Does that mean that my children did not value my sacrifice? Does it mean that all my efforts and sacrifice was in vain?

The door opened and the voice uttered out “Next! №853”

–      Oh, it’s my turn… My God, you totally got me off the track… Does it mean that???? Whatever…

–      Please come in and sit down. What have you brought for sacrifice?

–      Relationships….

–      Alright… show me.

–      Here… see, they are not much, but very nice. They are still quite new, not warned out, we met just half a year ago.

–      So what are you sacrificing them for?

–      To save the family…

–      Whose family? Yours? Is there a need to save your family?

–      Well, yes! My husband had a mistress, for a long time now, he goes to her often and lies all the time, which is kind of hard to handle.

–      And what about you?

–      What about me? There is a man in my life and it seems that we are starting to have a relationship.

–      So, you are planning to sacrifice this new relationship?

–      Yes… So I can save the family.

–      Whose family?  You just told me that your husband is seeing another woman and you are starting to have a relationship with another man. What kind of family is that?

–      So, what? We are husband and wife according to our marriage certificate! It means that we are a family.

–      So, you mean that you are satisfied with your family?

–      No! No! How can this kind of family be satisfying? I cry all the time and worry a lot.

–      But you will never be willing to trade your family for a new relationship, right?

–      The new relationship is not that deep, we just spend good time together… In short, I don’t mind to sacrifice it.

–      Well, if you don’t mind to sacrifice it, then why should we. You can give me your sacrifice.

–      I was told you show movies around here. Movies about the future! Why are you not showing me one?

–      We show different movies, for some, we show movies about the past, for some, movies about the future. We’ll show you a movie about your present. I am going to push play – so you can watch.

–      Wow! Cool! That’s me! Oh my God, is it really the way I look? It can’t be true! I take care of the way I look!

–      That is the way your soul projects itself on the way you look.

–      What? is this true? Shoulders down, lips in straight line, dreary eyes, hair is just hanging there…

–      That is the way people look when their soul is crying…

–      Who is this good-looking boy…. Just look at how tender he is when he is hugging me!

–      You don’t recognize him, really? This is your husband in his soul projection.

–      Husband? That can’t be true! He is a grown-up man!

–      In his soul, he is still a boy. He is just a child who is hugging his mother…

–      Well, he does act like that in real life sometimes.  He longs for me and always tries to hug me.

–      So are you saying that you are not longing for him it is he who always wants to be with you?

–      Well, from a very young age I was taught that a woman should be stronger, wiser and determined. A real woman should take care of the family and direct her husband!

–      It is true. Strong, wise and determined mother does give directions to her child-husband. She can scold him as well as snuggle and forgive him. Is that what you want?

–      Hmmm… very interesting. But I am not his mother, I am his wife! There, on the screen … He looks so guilty and I can tell that he will run to his mistress in a minute, but I love him anyway!

–      Of course! That’s the way it works! A boy goes to a playground and then he comes back home to his mother. He can cry in her shoulder and feel very sorry… Anyway, that’s the end of the movie. Let’s finish our meeting. You are planning to sacrifice your love relationship, right? Or have you changed your mind?

–      What about future? Why are you not showing me my future?

–      Well, you just don’t have one. Taking into account the present that you have now – your grown-up “boy” will run away to another woman or will fall into sickness. Or would just fall further into oblivion. In other words, he will just find a way to break away from under the mother’s skirt. He still has desire to grow even if he does not realize it now…

–      So what should I do? Why should I sacrifice myself then?

–      You know better. Maybe you just love to be in the role of a mother! More than you like the role of a wife.

–      No! I like to be a woman and be loved as a woman!

–      Well, it is possible for a mother to be a woman who is loved, it happens. So? Are you ready for your sacrifice? In the sake of saving what you have and for your husband to stay as a boy?

–      No.. I am not ready. I need some time to think it over.

–      Of course, of course. We can give you time to think. No problem.

–      Do you give advice?

–      We love giving advice and we always do it with pleasure.

–      Please tell me what should I do for my husband to… you know… for my husband to grow?

–      Probably, at first you should stop being a mother. Start looking at your true self and learn how to be a real Woman. How to be seductive, thrilling, mysterious, desired. Men want to give flowers and sing serenades to women like that and not cry on their tender breasts or shoulders.

–      Really? You think it will help?

–      It often does! That is, if you truly choose to be a real Woman. You can always come to us if you change your mind! You have great relationship for sacrifice, we will gladly take it. You know, there are many people in the world that dream about the kind of relationship you want to sacrifice. So, if you decide to sacrifice it for the sake of those who are in need, you are very welcome!

–      I will think about it…

№ 853 walks out of the door confused, and brokenly presses her relationship to her chest. №854, almost fainting, enters through the door.

–      I am ready to sacrifice my own interests so my mother will not feel sad.

The door closes. People are walking up and down the corridor tightly holding their desires, abilities, careers, talents and opportunities –  everything that they are willing to self-denyingly sacrifice…

Author – psychologist, expert in fairy-tale therapy – Irina Semina
Translated and brought to you by Life Script Doctor

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