Sign of Taurus Karma and Taurus Life Purpose Horoscope

By Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor)

Horoscope Sign of Taurus (21.04 – 21.05)

Every person during their lives reaches the conclusion: most important values are inside of their own soul. And, life always gives a person what he really needs. (“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well you might find, you get what you need”.)

Taurus will be able to grasp fullness of life and realize inner perfection if they will learn to value themselves and appreciate everything that life gives them. Taurus have to know: it doesn’t matter what is happening around them – they can always protect themselves and reach success drawing new energy from within.

Most often, Taurus know how tine seeds grow into true values inside of their soul and outside of them. They should see and know how to use the resources that they already have – then they will be able to make their life comfortable and secure. Wealth is very important for Taurus – more than for any other horoscope sign. Moreover they try too hard to reach calm life. Overcoming those addictions are the main karmic goals of all people under Taurus horoscope sign. Most of them know how to accumulate and multiply wealth. Since most of them are very practical they constantly ask themselves: “How this can be used in practice?”. Taurus who can sense their karmic goal can see all opportunities in the surrounding world. Taurus know how to use those opportunities and own resources, and that is why they know how to ensure security and comfort for themselves and those who are close to them.

The more Taurus are fighting poverty inside as well as outside, the more they are driven to a corner by their Destiny. Taurus have to understand that only by feeling the real need for something we can understand what is a true fortune and true security. It can be material problems, lack of recognition from others or love relationship full of sorrow and distress. Taurus have a great panic fear towards feeling lack of something – however, the need and lack for something is what can teach the many things. Going through that fear can teach Taurus to stay calm when there is lack of something – it is their main purpose in life. When Taurus think that they are lacking something (notice that they think, it doesn’t necessary mean that don’t have it), they begin to invest all their energy to fulfill this gap and eliminate the shortage. Through this battle destiny teaches Taurus to understand the true meaning of thing: wealth can happen in life of a person when it will exist in his or her soul (it is related to other horoscope signs as well). If Taurus find the strength to refuse what they really don’t need, then they will be able to see new horizons.

The feeling of a need or lack in something is a very powerful stimuli to search for additional resources (inside or outside). Taurus have to understand that everything that they really need, they already have in them. The proof of this fat they will be able to find only through their own experience – Taurus don’t believe anyone except themselves. Every day Taurus should realize that they possess all the qualities that are needed to ensure pleasant life for themselves.

Most Taurus have everything they need for life. But it doesn’t mean that they have everything that they want, that is why many of them often think that they don’t have enough or lack something. Taurus might not notice that they already have everything they need because they want a lot more. They should learn how to want what they can get. Only then Taurus would be indulged by their Destiny.
They have to understand: tranquility and confidence can be found only inside themselves and not in the outside world. They have to understand that value of an individual person is no defined by the state of their bank account.

Taurus will reach happiness and tranquility if their material security will become not their inevitable NEED but DESIRED condition of life.

The secret of happiness for Taurus is the ability to be grateful. This feeling will not only help them to overcome the feeling of scarcity, but will also open up their inner resources and help them see and use those resources that are present in the outside world. The feeling of gratitude is what helps a person to open up to the energy of the Universe. Only a person who is grateful to their Destiny for what it gave them can discover Higher Consciousness and find correct use for all their inner strengths. Higher Consciousness will help

Taurus to see opportunities that can be used to grow the sprouts of success.

When Taurus finds the source of confidence inside of them, they start to live in harmony with themselves and acquires the true wealth. They should learn to overcome the feeling of need and lack of security, they should learn to be grateful and then they will get used to the state of spiritual fullness and their main karmic goal will be resolved.

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7 years ago

Thank you for this information

5 years ago

Thank you so much, truly I always feel a sense of lack and need, although God has been really good to me I have continually failed to be grateful. I’ll change from today..