Sign of Pisces Karma and Pisces Life Purpose Horoscope

By Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor)

Sign of Pisces (20.02 – 20.03)

Throughout our life, we all discover that self-sacrifice is sacred. For Pisces, it is verity and the most important thing in life. By getting rid of our negative character traits, by developing and improving our positive qualities, we awaken our Higher Nature that some people call Eternal Love.

Pisces, strive to become a part of the perfect and mysterious infinite world – the world that we all came from. Only by learning how to surrender own desires and submit to the natural flow of events they will be able to acquire much-wanted harmony. Pisces should learn to fully devote themselves to learning selflessness and the true meaning of devoted service – then they will be able to go beyond the limits of their abilities, appreciate the value of their breadth, generosity, and infinity of their own soul. Then they will be able to help, understand and feel compassion towards others – it will allow Pisces to give others Eternal Love.

Some Pisces believe that self-sacrifice is suffering and putting themselves on the altar as a victim. They begin to think (mistakenly) that they should give up on everything, stop taking care of themselves, their own interests and stop protecting what they truly value – they can try doing that to seem good to others. However, this is not yet the Sacred Self-Sacrifice – it just means that you stopped taking care of yourself.

Pisces should learn to sacrifice those character qualities that stand in the way of discovering their Higher Self. They should give up mere fantasies, emotional dependencies, fears – then, they will be able to find their purpose. Self-sacrifice that Pisces should learn cannot make them less important – when they sacrifice their own Lower Self, they get stronger, evolve and become more joyful.
Pisces feel inspiration when they understand that the highest service possible is the service to their own self and their Higher Spirit. When they begin to live according to demands of their Higher Self, when they refuse to follow wishes and desires of their lower self, they find Devine in their soul and turn into wise and loving saviors.

Pisces are inherent to duality of their Nature: they are amazed by the beauty of the physical world and at the same time they can easily give up material for the sake of spiritual. On one side Pisces are very attached to our earthly world, but on the other side they constantly try to project themselves with Divine.

Duality of their Nature gives Pisces a huge number of opportunities. They intuitively understand what is going on around them, always take an active part in earthly business and at the same time they are very sensitive to the spiritual realm. Pisces have to learn how to see Divine Essence in everyone living on Earth and they are able to do it due to their ability to instantaneously see material and spiritual aspects of things.

Some Pisces believe that they have to make a choice between spiritual and material. That is wrong. One of the main lessons for Pisces is to find the balance between those two aspects. They will be able to find happiness and peace if they treat everything in their life, even everyday vanity affairs, as a ground for spiritual self-growth and development. It doesn’t matter what Pisces are doing in their everyday life (making dinner, climbing their career ladder or taking care of their children) they should treat everything as an everlasting path towards awakening their own Spirit.

This duality can also become the reason for many problems. Pisces are simultaneously drawn towards many things, professions and people. At the time when they are involved in one thing, very often they find another thing much more interesting for them. It can often lead to Pisces not being sure in their choices and they begin to fear that they will never be able to fully realize themselves in the chosen professional field. Their desire to simultaneously move in all direction and desire to combine all their interests can lead to over-fatigue and useless waste of life energy.

If that happens, Pisces should remember that happiness is not a never-ending race towards everything and the ability to do all the things they want to do. They will be able to make their life a fairy-tale if they fully involve themselves in each project they are doing. Only then they will be able to fully perceive profoundness and value of every moment in their life.

Another Karmic goal of Pisces is to not fall under the negative influence of Neptune, which can make them into becoming liars. This is a big temptation for Pisces – to lie just a little bit to make their life a little bit more interesting. They love to fantasize and believe that they will be able to persuade almost anyone to do almost anything. Pisces think: “If nobody has uncovered my lie, then everything is ok”. They lie not only to others but also to themselves. And with time they might get lost in their lies – the way they see themselves becomes so different from the reality that they lose any connection with their inner self. In this case Pisces should admit that they do not always express truth and try their best to be true to themselves.

The main lesson of Illusions we all have – this world is not the way we imagine it. We think that we are – “dull humans”, when in reality we are the Great Spirit, that is hidden inside the human bodies. Challenges that Pisces have to go through – rise above the illusions of the physical life and live the way their soul wants to live – with love towards the world and people.

Sometimes Pisces aspire to not just help but to save another person. This happens when they believe that the other person is not able to handle a certain challenge and if Pisces feel that they are stronger than the other person. When the need to save a friend becomes more important for them than the need to make that person look for the way out of the situation themselves – Pisces do not learn their main life lesson. And if Pisces perceive themselves and that person as victims of the situation and not the initial creators – the situation can get even worse. In their desire to save another person, Pisces often rush to help without even asking – does this person really needs help or not.

This way they encourage weakness in others – they do it for the sake of other people needing their help. It earns Pisces negative karma. This kind of behavior stands in the way of growth and evolution of Pisces as well as those who they are trying to help. Pisces lie to themselves – they close their eyes and hide away from dealing with their problems by trying to solve problems of other people.
Another problem that Pisces often encounter: many people often willingly receive help from them but give them nothing in return. This could lead to strong discontent – Pisces were so sure that their selfless help cannot stay unnoticed.

The only person that Pisces truly have the responsibility to save is themselves. Their main goal should be taking care of themselves – only a healthy and happy person has enough energy and power to support those that are close to him or her – it is not selfishness or egoism, it is taking care of their own soul and keeping it in spiritual balance.

Pisces can be convinced that through pain and suffering they will acquire new power and project themselves with their Higher Spirit. Sometimes it does happen. However, a person can evolve not only through suffering. Yes, suffering is a very powerful mean of spiritual evolution, because it destroys human Ego and reveals the true nature of a person.

However, it is not the only way towards spiritual harmony. Pisces can choose a much easier and pleasant way of self-development, which will help them reach the same results. It all depends on Pisces themselves – will they be able to reach joy and peace through pain and suffering, or will they become the manifestation of love and understanding for others as well as the symbol of salvation and spiritual awakening.

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April Williams
April Williams
6 years ago

I’m absolutely stunned and amazed at your words thanks so much I’ve never felt this way, I’m hoping I’m having an awakening spiritual that is, wow wow wow thanks again writer, I would like to know if you’re a Pisces, if not how do you know me so well I’m more special than I thought of myself before, thanks a bunch

5 years ago

You have cleared my mind. Everything in it is so true to who I am, the conflicts I face everyday and what I wish to achieve. It’s like the universe is talking to me. Now I have clarity. Thank you 🙂

5 years ago

I cant believe how true this is im thinking back at my life and most of this has happened to me consistently.

Daniel Bonesi
Daniel Bonesi
5 years ago

Great article! Described a lot of stuff i see in me and definitely has been of great assistance. I resonated with it in a deep level, detail by detail. Overwhelmed! Namastê

4 years ago

There’s the clarity I was looking for.. I needed to confirm that I was doing the right thing when I ceased from helping those who refused helping themselves..
I’m not about that anymore. Sure, helping is nice.. but if that other person starts to rely on you and literally does nothing.. it can be draining… in my prior situation, I was living with those who I once considered as friends.. well, for the first few months, I gave so much and thought nothing of it.. I enjoyed sharing… money.. taking them out.. helping out.. I lived with them for over a year and a half.. Pisces or not, I’m a human and I couldn’t go on forever.. their needs and wants were relentless.. always asking for more, leaving me dried up.. nobody would do anything and after I started paying most of the bills, I had to draw the line.. not that I care about money but I know it was serving no purpose to help tnem because I realized, I wasn’t helping them.. I was enabling them to use me and grow comfortable in their laziness.. So I left.. since then, I’ve stopped acquainting myself with anyone. I’ve always been the type to want independence but now, I’ve broken away from the part of me that tries to help others, because there’s been more than a few scenarios where people have taken my kindness for weakness.. I’m done with it. I’m not bitter, but I won’t help those who refuse to help themselves and I realize, I often used to get myself involved in the wrong crowds.. that’s also why I stopped.. I need time to myself.. a long time.

3 years ago

Alarmingly accurate!

Brittany Garrett
Brittany Garrett
2 years ago

This was right on! Beautiful. Thank you so very much, I am extremely greatful for your wisdom.

Jasmine Scott
Jasmine Scott
1 year ago

Great read. “Pisces strive to become a part of the perfect and mysterious infinite world – the world that we all came from.” That struck me. Said beautifully.