Sign of Libra Karma and Libra Life Purpose Horoscope

By Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor)

Sign of Libra (24.09 – 23.10)


During our life we all have to realize something that is the life’s goal of Libra: highest form of balance is inner peace, the state when peace and harmony occupy your soul and nothing can destroy it.

Those Libra that always try to keep inner balance are able to stay calm and objectively look at vanity, they can approach any situation without prejudice and find right solutions. Inner peace turns Libras into tuning fork and their presence helps to keep the balance in the surrounding environment.

Sometimes Libra reach balance through conflict. A conflict for them in best case scenarios is something inconvenient, in most cases unbearable and in the worst case scenarios is something they fear too much. Most Libras believe that resolving a conflict is their responsibility, even if they have no relationship to either side. Even though Libras do everything they can to avoid conflict, they actually can learn a lot from taking part in a conflict. It is during the conflict that they understand that harmony that they strive for is inside.

Libras are very sensitive towards any injustice or disharmony. They do everything in their power to correct the “dis-balance” only that they can once again be sure that everything is back in order. Sometimes Libras refuse to be happy and live full life until perfect harmony will be manifested around them. It means that they will have to wait for a long time, since world will never be perfect.
Libras should strive to keep inner balance regardless of the fact whether there is justice and peace around or not. Peace and harmony are in our own perception and all we have to do is find them.

Libras will start to understand themselves when they learn how to deal with conflicts outside. Often they make concessions, agree on certain deals and yield submission to the will of other people – all of it is only for the sake of desired harmony. However, since others will keep doing what they were doing (taking care of their own interests), problems and hardships will arise again and again – it destroys the ideal relationships that Libras are trying to build. Instead of spending all their energy on building relationships with other people, Libras should learn to live in harmony with themselves and build harmonious relationships with divine.

When Libras are living in consent with themselves they connect to the highest part of their soul and it gives them the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. That is when they begin to feel firm ground under their feet and the feeling of inner peace doesn’t leave them – regardless of what other people do or how they react.

However in order to build correct inner relationships, Libras will have to learn how to build relationships with others. Outside relationships mirror some part of the inner relationships in a person. When Libras realize this, they will learn how to correctly talk to others, how to develop their communication skills and will be able to solve quarrels and conflicts.

Libras value “correctness” the most. Libras define this concept as general harmony and universal wisdom. They want the world to be governed by harmony and justice. However, they have to realize that the concept of “correctness” is different for every situation. They strife to be objective, but they know that we are not living in vacuum – we all are always under the influence of various phenomena. Libras should learn how to take into account all the influencing phenomena in defining something as “correct” and “incorrect”.

All Libras resent disharmony and each of them has their own way to deal with it. Some Libras just close themselves in their inner harmonious world in hope that other people will change. Others try to solve the issue through active actions. In any case there is no single day when Libras are not trying to make the world more just.

Libras are the aesthetics of the Horoscope and often concentrate too much on the outside beauty. Certain Libras get so carried away with their looks or beauty of their house that they become obsessed about it. They do have inner feeling of beauty and it is much deeper and more important that outside physical beauty. Through the inner world the beauty of the Spirit can see the world – this is the main thing that Libras should learn in their lives.

Another mistake of Libras is that their need in relationships could turn into the fear of loneliness. Purpose in life and their own self pushes Libras to search for a relationship with another person. That is where the fear of not being liked by anyone is coming from. This is one of the greatest fears that Libras have. That is why they try really hard to be pleasant and just. They are convinced that only a bad person will not be liked – that is the root of their fear. Libras tend to judge “correctness” of their words or actions through the reaction of people around them. They are afraid that they will be judged or will be ignored if they make a “mistake”. Libras are often too afraid to tell the truth about what they think and feel because they are afraid to push other people away from them.

In reality the process of reaching the goal requires work and could be even unpleasant which sensitive Libras don’t really want to experience. In order to be successful sometimes breaking the balance is necessary, taking into account the input of others in solving a conflict. Libras should learn how to live in peace with themselves – then the brutal reality will not be able to harm their plans.

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6 years ago

Thank you so much I needed this

kenny z. dotson
kenny z. dotson
5 years ago

yep,we LIBRAS are kinda cool.

5 years ago

Very „correct“. Hee hee 😜