Sign of Leo Karma and Leo Life Purpose Horoscope

By Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor)

Horoscope Sign of Leo (23.07 – 23.08)

During our life we all learn what Leo is born for: power of love is stronger than the love for power, to learn how to truly love yourself is more important than being loved by others.

Leo’s Higher Self is in their heart, their courage and their Essence. Firmness of purpose and authoritative Ego gives them energy to reach the set goals. Their main purpose is to make their body and firmness of purpose serve their heart and yield to the wisdom of the Highest Nature. When Leo follows commands of their open heart, they give others the energy of Sun. Natural attractiveness, feeling of own worth and gift of prediction help them move mountains.

When Leo indulge their stubborn Ego they inevitably burn themselves. In those cases they have to understand that true wisdom lies in the ability to us the power of love. Ego is the source of all problems for Leo and at the same time the main teacher. Their Ego is so big that often Leo cannot resist their desires and even confuses them with God’s will. When one of the main virtues of Leo – self confidence – turns into arrogance, they start to give their own wishes and needs more importance than those of other people. It can turn Leo from a beloved leader into a dictator that everyone hates.

Moreover, when Leo blindly moves towards own goals while ignoring criticism of other people they reach not exactly what they really need and on the way they accumulate more karmic debts.

Authoritative arrogance of Leo can offend other people. They become uncontrollable and too self-confident, they start to think that there are now unattainable goals for them. Self-confidence is a good quality, but not in the aces when its source is the feeling of own superiority over others.
If Leo uses own firmness of purpose to follow commands of own noble heart, people around them begin to see their wisdom and power and begin to willfully help them. In those cases Leo is able to reach the results that bring joy to them and to everyone around them. When Leo is following own heart they are doing what is really needed at the given moment. It allows them to reach the heights of success that would be impossible if they followed desires of their Ego.

Love has to become the source of Leo’s power. When they refuse to be stubborn and choose love, they truly become powerful. That is the time when they no longer need praise and support of people around them.

Every Leo should realize this truth through their own way. Some just know about nobility of their own heart and that is why they listen to it. Others open the energy of their soul through positive emotions, through love towards their children, animals and Nature. Leo connects with the energy of the own heart when they are thinking about people they love.

It doesn’t matter which way Leo chooses to open their heart, they just have to do it: it is the heart that holds all the wisdom and all the power.

One of the ways to reach spiritual enlightenment is to exercise humility in everything. Thanks to humility, human soul always stays open and noble. Humility does not allow their Ego to grow. Even when Leo is modest, they always remember that they are kings and no one can take it away from them. Humility opens the way towards the highest source of energy for them. Some Leo use the following phrase: “Today the Universe did a lot of things through my hands!”.

A serious problem for Leo could be the inability to feel the moment when they should stop doing something and move on. Often because of their stubborn they get stuck on one thing for a long time. Sometimes they work on something that in no way helping them to move closer to perfection. They do it due to their feeling of duty. Leo can think that renunciation of their duties and leaving a certain endeavor is a sign of weakness even though many times it is the sign of power and wisdom.

Another karmic mistake of Leo is that often they think of themselves as the center of the Universe. Then they turn into egoistic despot and take away the energy of people around them instead of giving them the energy. By thinking that they are better than others, Leo limits their own opportunities. They believe that they are above vanity and lose ability to enjoy life. By trying to be different from everyone else, Leo spends all the energy on their own image. However, they are just a human just like everyone else.
The feeling of own superiority over others can really turn anyone’s head and Leo should remember that it is a deceitful feeling. When a someone decided for themselves that they are special and better than others they stop hearing the voice of their heart and their Higher Self.

Leo have to feel when they undertake too much, that is the moment when they should remember about themselves. They should let someone else take a part of their problems. If Leo spends all their energy only to make an impression then they are wasting their energy, because in that case they are just working for to increase their image and not making a selfless gift from a pure heart.

Leo should understand that true magnificence lies in their Spirit or Higher Self.

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Love it! Thank you so much

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Very insightful n so true. Thank you.