Sign of Gemini Karma and Gemini Life Purpose Horoscope

By Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor)

Horoscope Sign of Gemini (22.05 – 21.06)

During our lifetime, in one way or another,  we all discover the fact that Divine (as well as humans) has many ways to express itself. Gemini are born to embrace this fact.

When they travel or when they find new interests, they have to discover the presence of Spirit in their endeavors. Gemini are born with the knowledge of the duality of the world and the human soul. They know that each one of us has good and evil, darkness and light; and at the same time, they know that Divine is something constant and unchangeable.

Main karmic goal of Gemini is to discover that Divine is present in everything.

Whatever Gemini do, whatever they study, they always try to give answers to two questions: “Who am I really?” and “What is the purpose of life?”. What makes Gemini unique is the ability to realize themselves in any endeavor, but not in all of them at once.

Gemini should overcome the temptation of simultaneously doing everything they have interest in. If they give in to that temptation they uselessly waste their energy and lose connection with themselves.

Gemini should learn to fully dedicate themselves towards the task they are doing at a given moment. That is the only way they will be able to realize each of their many talents, they will be able to make their life interesting and stop living in the chaos of searching for new interests in life. It can help them discover the true deepness of their soul, which they could study throughout their life. The main purpose of Gemini is to discover the inner skills that can help them transform the world around them. They should not change the world through accumulating outside experiences.

Gemini should learn to suppress their desire to simultaneously participate in everything and interact with all the people that are interesting to them. That is the way that will help them discover something new in any situation. Gemini strife to realize themselves through life experience and often think that the next thing that they haven’t tried yet will be the one where they will be able to fulfill their potential. They should overcome this trait of their personality. If Gemini are not doing that, then they are not going to have enough time and patience to realize all their talents in the field they have been working on. They constantly jump from one pursuit to the other, they lose promising opportunities and destroy beautiful relationships. It happens because they think that there will be something much more interesting ahead of them. With time, Gemini could get very disappointed and get a feeling that they didn’t discover themselves. They may think that Destiny is unfair to them and that their life is a failure.

If Gemini learn how to commit all their energy to what they are doing in a given moment, they will be able to find their inner self. Ability to concentrate on one thing is the main lesson that Gemini have to learn in their life.

Overcoming the constant desire for parties and entertainment is another life goal of Gemini. Boredom scares them to death! Gemini believe that life will stop being interesting, lose color and purpose if everything around them – people and activities – suddenly stop changing just like in a kaleidoscope. They are always afraid that if their life will become monotone and turn into a routine, they will never be able to make it interesting and then their curiosity, thirst for new things, intellect and energy will not be realized.

Fear of feeling boredom stops Gemini from fully committing themselves to one thing or to attach themselves too much to only one person. They try to keep the door open for all opportunities: standing with one leg on the ground of one project, while the other leg is always ready to move to the next one, the one that will be more interesting. When they live with a person, they constantly flirt with others – there is always a possibility that there will be someone more interesting.

However, this kind of attitude towards the world cannot help Gemini move forward on their spiritual evolution. Shallow approach to everything stands in the way of their personal evolution. After many different experiences and adventures, they are left in the same place where they have started from – their consciousness stays the same because Gemini never gave their 100% in anything they did. It happens because they avoid problems and hardships, run from situations where you have to exert your highest qualities. That is why they often disappear before the relationships start demanding too much from them. Running away from the situation as soon as first signs of discomfort and problems in relationships appear, with time becomes a habit. They usually don’t give themselves a chance to move to the next more deeper level in relationships. You can evolve only during a difficult situation, and if Gemini are running from it, then they risk to end up alone in poverty without friends and with a completely unsatisfied soul that didn’t accomplish its karmic goal.

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5 years ago

That seems too true.

5 years ago

So trueee !!!

4 years ago

Gemini Karma here

and this sounds like me

omg I am speechless.

“If Gemini learn how to commit all their energy to what they are doing in a given moment, they will be able to find their inner self. Ability to concentrate on one thing is the main lesson that Gemini have to learn in their life.”

This is what I am trying to do all the time, but I let myself get distracted by everything and looking for joy in things I dont really care about only so I dont have to feel myself and the fear of missing out on life is big.

But after reading this I am really ready to commit to myself.
I kinda had the feeling I was running in the direction of self-sabotaging my life and dying unfulfilled.

the past few days I had this urge to look into astrology especially into the sign gemini and I didnt know why till I found out that this sign is my karmic path

god this is so fun!!! xD I love astrology, I love life

thanks for the post!

3 years ago

I agree💯

2 years ago

Man this just hit home 🧘🏾

4 months ago

Wow I’m mind blown💯