Sign of Cancer Karma and Cancer Life Purpose Horoscope

By Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor)

Horoscope Sign of Cancer (22.06-22.07)

During our life we all are trying to understand what Cancers are born to realize in this world: the main thing that a person should take care of is their True Self.

Cancer begins to live in harmony with the world when they find their home inside – it is one of Cancer’s life goals. Home is the place where a person feels safe, where the person is loved and taken care of – Cancer needs to know that they have such a place. Only then they will be able to comprehend that our world and everyone in it are one big family and will be able to receive energy from Universe.
Cancer learns to take care of themselves by overcoming the feeling of uncertainty. The feeling of uncertainty – is one of the main problems for Cancer and at the same time the best karmic teacher. The form of this feeling can change as often as the face of the moon. Often it is a feeling that Cancer lacks the qualities that are needed to be successful in life. Cancer could worry that they don’t have a lot of money or that they are not as talented as others. Perhaps they are living with fear that some kind of disaster like tsunami will take away their possessions or their beloved.

The out-of-balance feeling (whichever form this feeling takes) makes Cancer look into themselves and find enough strength to take care of themselves. They have to learn how to protect themselves and acquire self confidence. They have to believe that they possess all the qualities – needed to protect themselves and those they care about. Often the lack of self-confidence makes Cancer turn to God, accepts infinity and multifaceted care of Divine.

Lack of self-confidence teaches them trust. Cancer learns to trust the world and to accept inevitability of everything that happens to them. They have to believe that generous Universe, just like a loving parent to a child, will give them everything they need. The more Cancer trusts the world, the more important trust becomes for their consciousness. Even if at the beginning they refuse to trust life, sooner or later they will have to accept it. Only in that case their life path will have the right direction.

Cancer will be able to realize what Divine care is when they become good parent for themselves: learn to support themselves in everything, love themselves in spite of outside circumstances, make right choices and give themselves good advice (and follow them!) – for the sake of personal success and prosperity. The source of security, wisdom and creativity can be found only inside of them. Only through embracing the fullness of their own soul, Cancer will be able to help other people.

Cancer strives to create a kind of home that will always be with them. Cancer “hides inside the shell” when they try to protect their vulnerable soul.

Many Cancers are afraid to lose what they own (and often it is quite a lot), connection with their children and ability to live as they like. But in the end they will have to let all of it go.

The main goal of Cancer – not to allow their worse qualities to take complete control and turn them into capricious and impulsive person, who is trying to hold on to accumulated material assets – just like Ebenezer Scrooge.

Cancers have very delicate feelings and emotions. However, feelings can be deceptive, and Cancer might stray away from the path if they begin to blindly trust their feelings. They have to learn how to listen to not only their voice of feelings, but also to the voice of their brain and heart – and then they will be able to identify if their feelings are right or not. It could be very hard to do: their feelings are to strong and can persuade them that, for example, they are being treated with disgrace (when in reality it is not true). That is when Cancer can spend a lot of energy trying to control their emotions. They spend hours in useless worrying instead of doing what has to be done. Because of that they often don’t use the opportunities that life gives them. Cancer should learn how to submit their emotions to wise heart and spirit – and use the energy of emotions in order to reach the set goal.

Emotions are the most powerful source of energy for people under Cancer horoscope sign. Cancer the creator is the Cancer who has learned how to correctly use the power of the emotions. That is, not to waste emotional energy on useless worrying about possibility of success in a certain project, but imagining the joy that the completion of the project will bring. Cancer should learn how to use their own emotions to cheer themselves up – then those emotions will turn into tool which could be used to resolve their own karmic goals.
Many Cancers think that their sensitivity to offence and lack of moderation don’t allow them to evolve, and that they just can’t fight it. However they can and they should. Negative feelings don’t come about without any cause: when a person learns how to overcome them he or she learns how to correctly direct their own energy. Cancer who can control their own emotions can become the true master in what they do and the true creator.

By learning to control their own emotions, Cancer proves that they themselves, not their emotions, are the captain of the ship. When true love guides their heart, when they learn to protect themselves and turn down negative emotions, then they will be able to feel the connection with the energy that some people call Divine and others – the energy of the loving Universe. That is when their main karmic goal will be resolved. With each day that connection will grow stronger and life will have less stress and become much calmer.
Main life purpose of Cancer is to learn how to control their own emotions and to develop their strong qualities. When we are raising our children, first of all we are trying to identify which teaching methods are effective and which are not. That is the way Cancer should teach themselves, they should use their power of emotions to evolve and totally ignore their Ego – then there will be nothing they can’t do.

Qualities like self-confidence, ability to love and cherish their own self, patience and integrity of a character – are what Cancer should bring up in themselves, and then they will be able to reach success and happiness.

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6 years ago


6 years ago

It’s so true!! I Now understand why I get negative emotions..

which I need to move to positive.

4 years ago

Well, all my life ive been following everything that was written in this post… I’ve thought of myself like a walking guru because noone was thinking like this as a human being. These birth signs could actually be real considering how acurate this match my personality… Born july 4th 2002 and I feel like I already mastered everything when it comes to emotions and myself, code of honor and loyalty.