Sign of Aquarius Karma and Aquarius Life Purpose Horoscope

By Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor)

Sign of Aquarius (21.01 – 19.02)

Throughout our life, we all learn about the truth which Aquarius was born to realize: people can be united only through Universal Love.

Aquarius who knows what Universal Love really mean is able to value the beauty of their own soul and a soul of another person. This kind of Aquarius understand that they are a very important part of the universe. When Aquarius understands what it means to really love, they realize that everything in this world is unique and invaluable – including themselves. This knowledge helps them express what humanity should strive for.

Aquarius are often sure that they are different from others and that is why they have to live alone. However, they will be able to resolve one of their karmic goals only when they learn to fight this particular intolerance to others.

Aquarius are proud of their open mind thinking and the fact that they like variety. At the same time they are irremediable idealist and expect a lot from humanity. If people don’t correspond to the ideals it may greatly disappoint Aquarius. Aquarius begin to suspect selfishness in other people and think that they are doing it on purpose. A thought that people are not trying to act as they supposed to brings repugnance.

During those periods of life Aquarius are going through their main exam. They have to realize that each person chooses their own way. When Aquarius tries to see only good in what other people do, they get the chance to value different ways that people use in order to express themselves.

Aquarius believe that they are so unique that they often hide from the rest of the world. Instead of helping others, they think that nobody understands them and that is why they try to hide from the world. What is even more hurtful is the fact they begin to believe that nobody needs them.

Reality is different. Even through understanding that they are different from others, Aquarius strives to unite with them – this is a very important part of their life’s lesson. They have to stay true to themselves, value their soul as the most important thing that came from divine – and it doesn’t matter if the outside world values it or not. Uniqueness of Aquarius has to help them build relationships and correctly use opportunities in the way to help and benefit people that are around.

If Aquarius develop its individual uniqueness, it will help them find a common language with other people. The feeling of unity with the world should help and inspire them to find their life’s purpose. Aquarius have to understand that humanity grows through evolutionary process – this would give them a chance to control their lack of patience and give them support in having normal relationships with others. Aquarius have to understand and accept that this is their destiny – to be a little bit ahead (or even far ahead) of other people, then they will stop waiting for others to walk with them on the same level.

When Aquarius realize that most people are not ready to share their point of view (at least today) they will be able to concentrate on what is truly in their power to change – themselves. The truth is that the only goal of an Aquarius is to become better. By accepting this concept, Aquarius will learn to respect other people for the fact that they are also trying to become better. That is the true freedom. Aquarius have to understand that they will be able to save their freedom without losing connection with humanity if they learn to love the world.

Life of intellect is so important to Aquarius that often they disregard feelings and emotions because they believe that they distract them from the “truth”. Aquarius are inclined to look for logic in their emotions. However feelings cannot be explained through logic, you cannot understand them using your mind. Emotions and feelings are something that is very special. Many people of Aquarius sign after all begin to learn the language of feelings and through this they are able to enrich their inner world.

Aquarius have to realize that emotions are integral part of life. Through emotions we receive very important information about reality and it is much more than facts. Emotions help people to develop their instincts and to use emotional IQ together with intellectual IQ.

Loyalty toward an idea can turn Aquarius into a very stubborn person – it is one of the main problems of Aquarius. Often their stubbornness is shown when their “visor closes” and they jump on everyone who is trying to convince them to reject their ideas. At the same time Aquarius do not realize that they can’t see the whole picture.

In order to tell the difference between persistence and stubbornness, Aquarius have to ask themselves – is it getting them closer to their goal? If Aquarius see a certain goal in front of them and is moving towards it, then most likely it is persistence. If they are just overwhelmingly consistent in their way of thinking and refuse to listen to what others are saying (or what life is trying to show them) then most likely it is mere stubbornness. The issue could get even worse since due to the stubbornness of the Aquarius they lose their freedom of expression – which they value the most. Because of their stubbornness, they can do everything the way they want, the way they used to or the way they can without noticing that there are many other ways to do the same job. The irony lies in the fact that freedom loving Aquarius turns into the pain in the neck, which tries to limit not only the freedom of others but also as the result their own freedom. The inflexibility of Aquarius restrains other people and this moves them even further from fulfilling their karmic goals.

Another karmic goal of Aquarius is to learn how to accept everyday vanity as a natural process. When they look for (and find) unusual in usual things, they learn to find joy even in most common vanity activity. It could sound as a paradox but striving to be unique and not like everyone else is the manifestation of selfishness and egoism. It does not allow a person to connect with the divine.

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Thabo Pius Letwaba
Thabo Pius Letwaba
7 years ago

I love the atticle…
I am also lpn 22 and have a son with a lpn 11. I am struggling to discover myself and need more related articles to help me through this era.

5 years ago

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