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Embrace the power of Runes to discover your full potential...

Is it true what they say about the power of runes ?

It is hard to define the limits of what can be achieved with Runes on the energy level. These ancient symbols do hold a lot of wisdom and practical value that can change lives. They may seem intimidating and definitely not for everyone, however, they will open up their true powers to those who are eager to learn and true in their hearts.

Can runes really help tap into the magic of the energy field?

There are historical records describing runes as a type of an oracle that can help predict the most likely outcome of events or get the answers to the questions one might be looking for. They also have magical properties that concentrate the willpower of the practitioner in achieving a certain goal or improving interaction with the energy field.

How can I take energy healing and protection to the next level?

Most energy healing or protection techniques are based on the individual energy flow of the practitioner. With Runes, you are no longer alone. You connect to the the power of the Universal energy flow that guide you in healing and protection. You also are given an opportunity to tap into the ancient wisdom of your ancestors.

what you will learn

Highlights of the Program

It will be a 3 months study group with weekly webinars ( ~60min each, 12 total ) held on Sundays 20:00-21:00 (Amsterdam time) via Zoom.  The group will be up to 10 people.
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Month 1

Getting to know Runes

  • Definition of graphic magic and why it is so powerful
  • Energy vs. Informational field
  • Eddas, Yggdrassil and Northern Tradition worldview
  • Guidelines to becoming a rune magic practitioner
  • Awakening your “supernatural” abilities (meditation exercises)
  • The history of Futhark
  • Guidance in self-initiation to the power of runes, exercises/description/meditations

Month 2

Starting your divination practice

  • How to build an Altar
  • Additional attributes that can be used in Rune magic
  • Making/Purchasing and activating your Rune Set
  • Divination exercises and methods
  • Fundamental/Basic Rune divinations
  • Meaning of Runes in divination deeper understanding

month 3

Practicing the magic of runes

  • How to activate a Rune stave/formula
  • How to correctly write an incantation to properly activate rune stave/formula
  • Safety instructions when activating a rune stave
  • Why some staves work, while others failed to do so
  • Copyright in Magic schools and teachings
  • Basic principles of creating your own Rune stave/formula (principles of rune binding)
  • Testing your Rune stave
  • Other Magical Symbols and practices

your host


Native to Ukraine, Dmitriy, has been on the path of awakening consciousness since around 2008. He has studied new spiritual science Infosomatics, Numerology, energy-informational Slavic system called SPAS, Northern Tradition (Runes) as well as many other related fields. His research, practice ,creation of own Runic formulas and staves led to the conclusion that Runes as well as other magical symbols are very powerful tools or keys to the Universal Energies and can help one realize their full potential.  Check About section of the website to learn more about Dmitriy’s journey and remember to sign up for the study group using the form below (you can also request an intro call).

At the end of the day, it does not really matter what you can give or take, what really matters is the level of awareness, happiness and abundance you can reach in order to share it with others.

Here is one of Dmitriy’s latest articles : 

3 Reasons Why Rune Magic May Seem So Intimidating

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