6 Signs You Have Reached Spiritual Enlightenment

By Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor)

Have you ever wondered what it really means to reach spiritual enlightenment? How do you follow the signs of the universe and what are the qualities that make you spiritually enlightened? Many spiritual teachers and gurus chose to abandon their life in society in order to find the answers to those questions. Most spiritual movements and religions took origin from the experiences of those teachers. However, life in today’s world of informational paradigm gives you a chance to discover spiritual enlightenment without abandoning your social life.

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment
– Lao Tzu

In your journey of self-discovery, you have probably read inspiring books, met wise teachers, perhaps even mastered various consciousness awakening and energy healing techniques. One of the books by somewhat controversial author Carlos Castaneda describes “5 conditions for a solitary bird …”. With a certain interpretation, they seem to perfectly convey the signs of spiritual enlightenment. The 5 conditions are described below, with an additional sixth one, that I took the liberty to add. See for yourself if you resonate with all of them.

spiritual enlightenment1) “… flies to the highest point”.
The highest point can be described as the experience of blissful ultimate Love. Some may characterize it as unconditional Love. However, the highest point is beyond the term. The ultimate bliss is actually quite cold. It is like standing on the peak of the highest mountain and any movement will cause either fall into the abyss of the past or being swiped away by the avalanche of the future. The highest point is the state of loving the whole world, embracing the higher consciousness but at the same time taking responsibility for realizing your own full potential at the point of here and now.

2) “… does not suffer for company, not even of its own kind”.
Many people are afraid to be alone with themselves and dig deep for the answers within. They are trying to find assurance from others in their own existence and easily substitute their own intuitive truth with the one offered by society. True self, however, can only be revealed through the journey of independent self-growth and self-discovery. This journey may seem very lonely at times. Some outside guidance could be of great value and bring needed clarity. However, all the answers are still within. You are unique you and it is important to be at peace and true to yourself on the road of self-discovery.

3) “… aims its beak to the skies”.
Setting your priorities is important in life. When your top priority is taking the higher road, you have the key to reaching spiritual enlightenment. In other words, life is about channeling your higher self through realizing your own potential.  When “your beak is directed towards the sky” you can hear your higher-self much clearer and enjoy a fulfilling life of purpose (see what is you higher-self according to spiritual science Infosomatics).

4) “… does not have a definite color”.
The ability to be flexible and quickly adapt to any change is becoming a vital skill during the informational paradigm. In order to effectively communicate with others, you need to know how to play different roles. Your own colorful truth is for you to experience and by showing it to others you are able to refine it. Just like chameleon moves in Nature by changing the color of its skin, you can move through life. With each step, you can accept the color that currently fits best with the surrounding environment. With your next step, you can adapt your colors again if needed. The ability to quickly adapt the outside colors (or your roles) helps to evolve your unique colors within.

5) “… sings very softly”.
Showing off and bragging to everyone that you are saving the world is one of the roads to nowhere. As one of the saints said: “Save yourself so thousands around could be saved”. By starting within and finding your own unique way of realizing your full potential you are becoming an example to others and there is really no need to blow your own horn about it. Aggressively imposing your will and trying to spiritually awake others is forcing your own truth upon them and it eventually can do only harm. The truth is often spoken softly and only those who are ready to really listen can hear it.

6) “… when the right time comes, knowledge has to be shared”.
Enlightenment is not some kind of a point in time and space which you can reach and then relax. Reaching enlightenment is a process. There will always be those who know less than you and there will always be those who know more. Each one of us has their own unique experience and by sharing your talents with others you help them grow as well as refine your own talents. Besides, teaching others is one of the best ways to continue learning new things yourself.

One thing remains true if you already asking yourself about your purpose in life, how to awake your consciousness, about how you can discover and realize the full potential that was given to you on your date of birth (see How Knowing Your Cosmic Address Can Help to Realize Your Potential), you are on the right track. If you have a question, the answer will always find the way to get to you so you can improve the script of life you are writing every day.

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