*free will within personal responsibility

The Human
on a Cosmic Scale

1st time in Lisbon

Friday, November 25th, 2022, 18:30

workshop at Art Kaizen

what you will learn

Highlights of the Workshop

The workshop will offer insights and practical knowledge to help you stay on top of the wave during the informational flood and chaos of the new paradigm in the XXI century. 
Thursday, September 8th , from 18:30 to 21:00
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Workshop program

The Human on a Cosmic Scale

  • Energy-informational perspective of what is happening in Ukraine and how it is affecting the whole world/cosmos and each individual
  • The magic of symbols in the new paradigm
  • The meaning of the Ukrainian Trident symbol – Volya
  • How brain activity together with heart create our reality
  • Awakening the individual Spirit and Will Power (visual model of an individual Spirit)
  • How to clear the “launchpad” so that you can effectively realize the potential and create new reality on Earth/in your life
  • Powerful Pineal Gland Activation practice (meditation + exclusive bonus)
  • Q&A, and much more…

your host


Native to Ukraine, Dmitriy has been on the path of awakening consciousness for more than 10 years. He has been guiding people and sharing knowledge in the fields of various advanced forms of meditation/visualization techniques, energy clearing/healing/balancing/boosting, etc.  He has profound practical knowledge of the new spiritual science Infosomatics, Numerology, Rune/Glyph magick as well as many other related fields. As of today, Dmitriy is the only person who received the approval to teach energy-informational Ukrainian system/spiritual science Spas outside of the country of origin in a foreign language.

“At the end of the day, it does not really matter what you can give or take, what really matters is the level of awareness, happiness and abundance you can reach in order to share it with others”.


"The Human on a Cosmic Scale"

25th of November 2022

Rua do Açúcar Nº52, Marvila

1950-009 Lisboa

for questions contact +380 96 762 0864 (WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal – Dmitriy) 


25 Euro

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