Advanced Meditation Rituals

empowered by ancient mystic knowledge


take your personal life to the next level

Ignite new honeymoon in your current relationships or attract a new partner that will be the catalyst for realizing your full potential (side effects may include attracting new opportunities for you to grow).

ancient mystic forces

Allow the higher forces guide you in taking your personal life to the next level or help you attract the partner you truly desire.

it is all about true love

Build up your confidence and true self-love in order to resolve any possible challenges in your personal life.

rediscovering your attractiveness

Become seen on the energy field to improve your personal life on all its levels.

Canva - Tarot Cards (2)

wealth magnet

improve your financial wellbeing

Ignite your inner power and send the message to the Universe to attract financial resources and wealth, so that you can improve your own life as well as lives of those you love. 

tarot major Arcana

Tap into ancient forces and archetypes in order to direct your energy flow and improve your financial situation.

empower your intention

Take your meditation practice to the next level and give power to your intention.

manifest your new reality of abundance

After sending your intention of becoming wealth magnet to the Universe through the meditation/ritual, you will be guided on what needs to be done to manifest your new reality of abundance.

Canva - Tarot Cards (2)

next date (full moon in scorpio)

Wednesday, 3rd of May
Astral Makeover

Thursday, 4th of may
Wealth magnet

You will need a Tarot Deck, a cloth, a candle and some essential oils to do this meditation ritual. If you don’t have a Tarot deck and you don’t want one for future practices, you can simply print out the images of Major Arcana cards that will be provided. It is highly recommended to use a beeswax candle and specific essential oils, that you can easily get online or at a local esoteric shop. 

You can receive all the instructions for one of the rituals for the price of 44 Euro (both rituals 66Euro) and you will be able to do the meditation ritual independently anytime at your convenience. You can also reach out with any related questions after the ritual to Dmitriy (Life Script Doctor) directly. If you find no value in the insights you receive during or after the ritual – you can request a full refund within the 30days of receiving the instructions. 

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take your lifescript to the next level with

powerful meditations / rituals

wealth magnet

Improve your financial wellbeing

astral makeover

Personal life and new opportunities

birth/boost of egregor

business or project energy boost