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Awake your AuraVision and Empower your Extrasensory Perception...

How would your life change if you could see Energy/Human Aura?

We are all born with the gift of AuraVision, yet most of us forget how to see as well as correctly interact with own energy field (aura) and fields of others. Ability to see Aura can be a great asset in helping you realize your full potential on your own unique path of self-discovery.

How to keep your energy flow balanced throughout the day?

Practical knowledge of how to effectively clear/boost/harmonize your energy flow is vital more than ever during the Informational flood of the XXI century. Balanced energy flow is a must if you want to reach financial independence, enjoy fulfilling personal life and stay healthy.

How to stand strong in your own power and protect your energy?

There are different ways and techniques to protect your energy. Still many energy sensitive people struggle to fit into the current social matrix. Knowing the rules of safe energy interaction can help claim back your own power and withstand any negative effect from the outside world.

Just a few centuries ago, north of the Black sea, between the East and the West, there were Cossacks. They were freedom fighters who lived on the banks of the Dnieper river. Cossacks, which according to some historical sources literally means a “free man”, lived in democratic, self-governing, semi-military communities.  Among them there were “shaman warriors” or “jedi knights” called Harakterniki, who possessed what we would call today extrasensory or supernatural abilities. 

The root behind the word Harakternk most likely lies in a Slavic word “harakter” which means “willpower, strong character”. In more ancient languages “Ha” is the positive force, and “Ra” is light or radiance, thus “Ha-Ra-kternik” can also be described as the one who radiates a great positive force of light through their willpower. There are many historically recorded legends about their mysterious abilities.  Allegedly, it was impossible to kill a Cossack Harakternik with a mere bullet or a sword. They could play mind tricks with enemies, see and interact with the energy fields, control weather, foresee the outcome of battles, heal any sickness and processed many other extraordinary talents. When common people saw what Harakterniki could do, they considered it to be supernatural or magical simply because they could not explain it. Not many know that the secret behind their abilities was the knowledge of spiritual science “Spas” . For many centuries, just like many other spiritual systems and traditions, this ancient wisdom was a secret and even persecuted at times. It was passed down through generations from a father to his children or from a grandfather to his grandchildren. It has only been few decades since the secrets of SPAS are being shared openly.

Spas can be described as the spiritual system or science , based on the ancient wisdom that studies the magic of life.  It offers an explanation to the role of “a human in the Universe” as well as the “Universe inside a human”. The one who have embraced the breath of Spas will understand that there are no accidents in life or events without purpose. There is, however, your individual personal path that is written into the Universe itself. By taking your first step on this path you will understand that all the forces in the Universe together with your ancestors are guiding you.  Life can give you only what is truly yours, not more and not less. Only your desire to grow from within can change the world around you.  Spas is about living in harmony with the Universe by embracing your full potential and taking full responsibility for realizing it, which inevitably leads to a fulfilling life of purpose.

what you will learn

Highlights of the Workshop

It will be a 2-Day workshop (Spas Level 1 – AuraVision) filled with practical knowledge.
Saturday/Sunday, May 14-15th , from 10:00 to 18:00 (lunch provided).  You also have an option of joining only for the first dat of the workshop (see below).

It will be the first level of Spas workshop which mainly concentrates on the ability to see energy and human aura as well as energy clearing/protection/balancing. Level 2 includes initiation to elements, fundamentals of energy healing as well as powerful guided meditations (including advanced form of astral travel/remote viewing). Level 3 three includes initiation to your personal energy “Sputniks”, connection to the power of your ancestry and advanced practical knowledge on how to train your talents of extrasensory perception among many other related fields. 

The number of participants for the first level of Spas workshop is limited to ensure personal approach and quality of the workshop. Please bring at least 1.5 ltr of good quality water to drink. Use the form below to register or ask a related question. 


Day 1

Igniting your AuraVision

  • The history behind Spas and the modern age “Jedi Knights” (Cossacks-Harakterniki)
  • Safety rules for interaction with the energy-informational field and higher levels of consciousness
  • How to balance your energy flow in just a few minutes and stay full of energy throughout the day – (“Zhgonka” – Exercise)
  •  Set of techniques/exercises to help you see Auras and safety measures 
  • Energy Channel Activation
  • Guided Meditation/Visualization Exercise – Unleash Your Full Potential

Day 2

Clearing Energy blocks

  • Vital principles of Effective Energy Clearing and Energy Protection
  • Initiation to energy clearing with a beeswax candle 
  • More exclusive AuraVision exercises/techniques including AuraVision and Golden Compass staves.
  • The Meaning behind Aura colors
  • Powerful advanced Guided Meditation to identify and clear possible energy blocks.
  • Practical knowledge, Q&A and much more…

your host


Native to Ukraine, Dmitriy has been on the path of awakening consciousness for more than 10 years. He has been guiding people and sharing knowledge in the fields of various advanced forms of meditation/visualization techniques, energy clearing/healing/balancing/boosting, etc.  He has profound practical knowledge of the new spiritual science Infosomatics, Numerology, Rune/Glyph magick as well as many other related fields. As of today, Dmitriy is the only person who received the approval to teach energy-informational Slavic system/spiritual science Spas outside of Ukraine in a foreign language.

“At the end of the day, it does not really matter what you can give or take, what really matters is the level of awareness, happiness and abundance you can reach in order to share it with others”.


Exclusive 2-Day Workshop will take place
on the 14-15th of May 2022
Lepsiusstraße 90, 12165 Berlin, Deutschland
for directions/questions: +49 178 7344119 (Kim)


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500 euro

** Cash is also an option for payment with prior confirmation of registration 

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