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Millionaires don’t believe in the power of mystic knowledge or energy work… 

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Advanced Energy Practices

Bringing the wisdom, magic and practical approach of the ancient mystic knowledge to support realization of your business ideas and projects. 


The first step is always clear what is holding you back or in the way of you moving forward. It will also give you the energy to create the foundation you will be building on.


Clarity in your energy flow is the launching pad to bringing your business ideas to the world. It is about focusing your intention and energy in order to reach your goals.


When you start moving towards manifesting your goals you need to make sure that you stay on track. That is the time when energy protection becomes essential.


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What I Do

My expertise is offered openly to help you get unstuck, prevent or get you out of burn-out, reveal the true causes of challenges you might be experiencing, so that you can quickly get back on track of realizing your full potential and take your business beyond profit.  It is not for me to tell you what to do, but how you can do it yourself. I offer a broader perspective of what is really happening as well as powerful mystic energy tools for you to empower yourself.  

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Where You Go

With the power of the ancient mystic knowledge adapted to meet current reality, you can get the traction you need to achieve the mission of your business in the most harmonious and ecological way. Embracing the bigger reality and higher levels of consciousness can be a life changing experience leading to living a fulfilling life of purpose. There is true magic in taking responsibility for realizing your full potential.     

dmitriy (aka Life script doctor)

Your Guide

The main drive behind my work is empowering and supporting conscious entrepreneurs, impact investors, and business leaders so that they can awaken to their true powers and bring positive change.  My business background and more than 15 years of researching and practicing various energy work modalities, mystic knowledge schools, and spiritual sciences give me a chance to explain esoteric and metaphysical concepts in an easy-to-understand way that makes sense. A practical approach to energy/magic work leads to tangible long-lasting results.   

A lot of my work is based on the new spiritual science Infosomatics, Numerology, ancient knowledge of the Slavic “Jedi knights” – Harakterniki, Rune/Glyph magic as well as many other consciousness-awakening fields, and meditation/energy practices. 

At the end of the day, it does not really matter what you can give or take, what really matters is the level of awareness, happiness, and abundance you can reach in order to share it with others”. 

– Anonymous

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